Set in the dark and old Parramatta prison built by the original convicts our lead character Ray a war veteran finds himself serving 18 months for manslaughter after defending his fiance. He soon realizes that the prison boss has it in for him and does everything possible to break Ray even going after his fiance.

Set in the dark and old Parramatta prison built by the original convicts our lead character Ray a war veteran finds himself serving 18 months for manslaughter after defending his fiance. He soon realizes that the prison boss has it in for him and does everything possible to break Ray even going after his fiance. He has to learn how to navigate his way around the internal politics and turf wars that exist and find a way to make it through to see his fiance again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allie M (it) wrote: are u fucking kidding me

Benjamin W (kr) wrote: Absolutely amazing cinematography seperates this doc from similar fare, such as Dogtown and the Z Boys.

Aaron M (kr) wrote: At times this movie is a little slow but its an alien invasion story told in a captivating way. Tom Cruise is excellent and there are some memorably suspenseful moments. However what lets the movie down is its ubrupt finish which leaves a sour taste in the mouth and is totally unsatisfying and the annoying son with his unrealistic actions. Overall its still an entertaining movie and a solid action sci-fi

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Edith N (jp) wrote: Is a Drunk Really Better Than Stuffy People? This is another one of those movies I had a hard time with because it features a character who shares aspects with the worst image I have of myself. In this case, it's also that she's a sloppy drunk. But one of the things which worries me about myself is a fear that no one is really interested in anything I have to say, that people I care about a great deal and whose opinions I value are just humouring me and really say terrible things about me behind my back. I'm pretty sure this isn't actually true, though of course odds are good that I'll never know, but I have a hard time watching movies with characters like that, because I start going over in my head everything I've said to anyone I've talked to all day. This is not fun, and had I started the movie earlier than nine o'clock at night, I probably would have turned it off rather than fret to myself about it. As it is, I could either risk not finishing a review today or watch to the end. Mrs. Emily Delahunty (Dame Maggie Smith) is one of the passengers in a very crowded railway carriage in Italy. She is attempting to entertain Aimee (Emmy Clark) when there is an explosion. Emily awakens in the hospital. A bomb went off in the carriage, leaving as survivors herself, Aimee, The General (Ronnie Barker), and Werner (Benno Frmann). Killed in the explosion were the General's daughter (Alison Cameron Adam), Werner's girlfriend (I think Madeleine, played by Silvia De Santis), and Aimee's parents (Dierdre Harrison as Phyllis, her mother; her father is uncredited). Inspector Girotti (Giancarlo Giannini) wishes them all to stay near while he conducts his investigation, so Emily invites them to stay with her at her country villa. Aimee, in particular, needs somewhere to stay while she awaits the arrival of her American uncle, Professor Thomas Riversmith (Christ Cooper). The survivors come together, but there are things destined to pull them apart. For once, I am not at all surprised that the child survivor of a horrific event is not whisked into therapy. There are some pretty major extenuating circumstances; after all, Aimee speaks little or no Italian, so they'd have to find a therapist who spoke English. Everyone expects her to go back to America with her uncle; it isn't necessarily a good thing to start the clinical process with the full understanding that the patient will have to start over again with a new therapist, especially if the patient is a child. And, of course, there is uncertainty over the extent of Aimee's brain damage. She does not remember the crash; well, that's not terribly unusual. But there are several other gaps in her memory and a serious implication that she has trouble forming new short term memories. At least Dr. Innocenti (Libero De Rienzo) makes regular housecalls to check on how she's doing. And if there's a child psychologist in the area who speaks English, one suspects Dr. Innocenti would know about it. Part of the reason I didn't have time to turn this off and start something else was that we didn't really see that uncomfortable side of Emily until Tom showed up. Inspector Girotti seems to like and even respect her. Her man-of-all-work, Quinty (Timothy Spall), adores her. (It turns out she rescued him when he was ill and alone in Marrakesh.) The General is gruffly fond of her, and Werner cares enough so that he comes up with the idea of making her the English cottage garden she has always wanted. It takes a while for Aimee to be shown to have much of an opinion about anything; brain damage will do that to a person, after all, not to mention the trauma of losing both your parents when you are far from everything you've ever known. But it is only when Emily begins to make a drunken fool of herself over Tom that we really see the worst of her--and we begin to agree with Tom when he paints a negative image of her character, meaning that I was even more uncomfortable than I would have been anyway. Of course, Emily has her reasons. She gives Tom far more information than I think he ever wanted about her life before Umbria and the romance novel-writing career which paid for her villa. Though some of the more sordid details are glossed over when she talks and only shared with us as an audience. Perhaps if she'd shared a bit more of it with Tom, he might have understood why she got wasted on grappa every day, why she was trying to push a drink on him at nine in the morning. She does manage to tell him enough to make him deeply uncomfortable. I think this is intended to make us think that he couldn't possibly be good for Aimee, especially since he fought with her mother before she was born and had never met her before. However, what it made me think was that Emily wasn't necessarily the best caregiver for a damaged child. The only way to be better than your own upbringing is to be aware of what the people who raised you did wrong. While Aimee is safe from some of the damage Emily suffered, I'm not sure she is safe from enough.

William C (au) wrote: Grade: High kind of 2/10 if that makes it any betterThunderbirds is an adventure remake of the original TV series of the same name and one that destroys it's legacy and systematically kills it dead. It is an awful reworking and one that is just awful, it is worse than bad and who this was made for I will never know. This movie is obviously aimed at kids and even looking at it that way doesn't make sense, it is offending to the kids as well it is just so terrible.The plot is really crazy and kind of a bit haywire, it just jumps a little too much ahead and never slows down to consider what it is doing, that includes the various changes the film has between camera shots with certain clothing changing constantly. Now of course it is a good old adventure, but the case is it is executed terribly, some could find bits here and there where it could be improved but for me this was a lost case within the first 5 minutes and one I will not remember fondly.The acting if it even possible is even worse than the story and even the best actors and most experienced can't escape this quagmire of a movie. Brady Corbet our main character Alan Tracy is just awful and is progressively really really annoying to the senses. Big actors like Ben Kingsley and Bill Paxton aren't terrible but still poor and no depth or expertise can they give the roles, not that they can as it is just so badly made. The rest of the cast don't do much to stand out and again I felt with the people involved, it is impossible to impress in such a drab plot.What can I say positively about this, well, the effects used are not so bad for 2004 the year this came out and sometimes you can kind of think very nice. But even with the effects I have a problem as although they are nice, they are way overused at moments and then put in really silly times, it is as if strategic effects are used to then create some kind of disaster waiting to come.One lasting hateful thing this movie does is ruin the massive legacy of the old puppet and strings TV series of the 1960's and really shows kids of this day the wrong message, one of silly jokes and silly characters(some of which are completely made up for this movie). I think if you want to respect an old legendary thing then please don't change it because this is altered actually quite a little bit and it could be said too much, the future revamp didn't work and the vehicles are highlights of the randomness this movie brings.I guess I could say it is well choreographed in the fighting and sometimes it can seem nice, even though some fighting seems overly choreographed so it can be blatantly seen it has just taught to the actor. The title sequence is very nice I'll give it that and the soundtrack from the band Busted is really a big song and one that if played actually in the film as things go on could have drastically improved the kick-ass like factor it sorely needs.Overall it is terrible and is really really far from being positive, I am equally just as glad this didn't spawn any sequel or with a horrible thought, a franchise. Yes Thunderbirds(2004) is not a good movie and one that although I hope will be remade in the future well, may have to stick to animation to get proper results.

Johnny N (it) wrote: all star cast, great dialogue. powerful climax. we are the takers, there is a lot of hidden messages in this movie.

kostas t (jp) wrote: Caruso-Fiorentino wraio didumo!!!

Steve G (ru) wrote: Easily one of the greatest comedies ever made. So many memorable lines.I love the whole feel of it.I also love how, for some reason, Kareem attempts to hide his identity by going incoginto as an airline pilot. "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"I guess I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.The only one to not like it would be a PC vagina, butthurt about the humor.

Phillip S (it) wrote: Fucking TRASH. Basically a boring animal snuff film. Its really just animals dying for NO REASON and asshole white people being assholes in the woods. How the fuck is this a masterpiece???????

bernard a (br) wrote: The opening scene of MOROCCO shows a native Moroccan attempting to move his stubborn mule from the middle of a road. In the background is a formation of French Legionnaires steadily marching forward. The Moroccan knows his mule is blocking the road and desperately pulls it's reins in an attempt to move the animal to the side of the road - but the animal refuses to budge... This little vignette best symbolizes the main drama to come - and especially describes the relationship between the two main characters, Mlle. Amy Jolly (Marlene Dietrich) and Legionnaire Tom Brown (Gary Cooper). Despite their strong attraction to one another - they each cannot fully commit themselves to the other. Something in their nature stubbornly holds them back... Director Josef Von Sternberg made MOROCCO in Hollywood and was his follow-up to the very successful DER BLAUE ENGEL (THE BLUE ANGEL). In fact, the first part of MOROCCO seems so much like DER BLAUE ENGEL that you could mistake it for a remake. Both films star Marlene Dietrich. Her character Lola Lola in DER BLAUE ENGEL has a lot in common with Amy Jolly in MOROCCO. Both films showcase the singing of bawdy songs. Both take place in a nightclub with an older man falling for Dietrich's characters. The older gentleman in MOROCCO is Monsieur La Bessiere (Adolphe Menjou) - a wealthy frenchman trying to win Mlle. Jolly's heart...but she is at first ambivalent to his advances: - "Every time a man has tried to help me, there has been a price. What's yours?" - "My price?.......a smile." - "I don't think I have much more..." MOROCCO begins to diverge from DER BLAUE ENGEL's story arc with Amy Jolly's developing relationship with the young and handsome legionnaire portrayed by Gary Cooper. Cooper seems a strange pick to play opposite the exotic Dietrich and his familiar "aw-shucks" performance nearly derails this film for me...but at the time, Cooper was Paramount's top star and that was all that really mattered. Cooper was handsome and sexy... and Dietrich was pretty and sexy. It's all about the hormones really...!!! In classic films - Morocco seemed the ideal place to run away from one's past. Rick Blaine did it in CASABLANCA. So too Amy Jolly and Tom Brown in MOROCCO: "When I crashed The Legion - I ditched the past", explains Tom on how he came to be in Morocco. Amy Jolly looks at Tom - "There is a foreign legion of women too....but we have no uniforms, no flags, no medals". I haven't seen very many of Joseph Von Sternberg's films - but the ones I have seen are beautifully filmed. His sets always seem so sumptuous. MOROCCO is no exception. It's as exotic looking as it's title suggests. I'm finding that the more I watch MOROCCO, the more I like it - which was my experience too with THE BLUE ANGEL. I thought MOROCCO has a terrific beginning and ending. I won't divulge exactly why I like the beginning so you can discover for yourself. I try not to read too much about a film prior to watching it - so an iconic moment in MOROCCO wasn't spoiled for me. It's the reason I enjoy watching pre-code films. But I will leave you instead with this bit dialogue from the film: Cooper's legionnaire character, who is supposed to be standing at attention, spots a prostitute from across the street. She silently gestures with her fingers how much she will cost for a good time. Cooper silently gestures back a counter-offer with his fingers. A sergeant nearby spots Cooper gesturing and yells at him for not standing at attention: "What are you doing with your fingers?!?!" "Nothing. Yet." 8.5 Ranking the Josef Von Sternberg films I have seen so far: THE BLUE ANGEL - 10 THE SCARLET EMPRESS - 9 MOROCCO - 8.5 SHANGHAI EXPRESS - 8.5 MACAO - 7 need to see more!

Melanie N (au) wrote: Lloyd thinks Carrey was great in this, but I prefer him in dumb and dumber