A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.

A D.A. becomes the prison warden where he tries to help an inmate he prosecuted, because he believes his sentence was excessive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (gb) wrote: Not much happening in the way of a story line. I couldn't really care less about any of these characters. Ben has a nice life, a good job, good friends, and yet he's still unhappy with his lot. He has a few flings, but he can't commit. Until he does. That's pretty much it.

Carlos D (au) wrote: definitivamente,esta peli comienza como un drama muy comun,y conforme la trama se va desenvolviendo,descubrimos una historia con muchas capas y mas compleja de lo que nos imaginamos.totalmente recomendable.

Adrian E (fr) wrote: Contrived and corny but curiously compelling.

Sunil J (es) wrote: Really dragged on for quite a bit. I thought Robin Wright was pretty good but it was all very one note. Hope to see more from the American Film Company though.

Bradley H (ru) wrote: Certainly an ambitious project that provides some mild voyeuristic interest, but not enough depth to offer anything of substance to grab on to. It ends up just being a variation of the cliche that most people lead lives that, through the view of a tremendously broad lens, are not quite that different from each other. Perhaps more depth would allow a closer examination of the evolution (and in some cases death) of personal dreams.

Derek B (jp) wrote: Just about watchable but sad to see any of the turistas survive, they certainly don't deserve it

Robyn N (fr) wrote: Incredibly powerful and intricately detailed, highly acclaimed and widely controversial. "Paradise Now," is a compelling, tightly made thriller set in Nablus, on the West Bank, and lays bare the humanity and the horror for all to see. The film provides a gripping and terrifying insight into the mindset of martyrs by turning the camera on two Palestinian suicide bombers during what they assume to be their final 48 hours. The story places two close friends, Said (Kais Nashif) and Khaled (Kais Nashif), recruits by an extremist group to perpetrate a terrorist attack, a suicide mission, in Tel-Aviv. Both men are bathed, shaved, and made to look like Israeli settlers; then they are then strapped with explosives, dressed in dark suits, and are off to carry out their orders. However, things go wrong and both friends must separate at the Palestine border. One of two will maintain in his purpose of carrying out the attack to the very end, and the other will begin to have his doubts. Despite condoning their actions and motives, you can't but help to watch the film with a fearsome fascination. The film sustains a mood of breathless suspense. "Paradise Now" is a thriller whose shrewdly inserted plot twists and emotional wrinkles are calculated to put your heart in your throat and keep it there. The movie humanizes the anonymous faces we often see in the news. The director and co-writer, Hany Abu-Assad, undercut any heroism of these young martyrs by presenting their everyday actions with moments of dark humor. During one taping of a farewell message, the video camera malfunctions half way through, and he must start over from the beginning. During another taping, one of the bombers interrupts his political sermon with a personal shopping reminder for his mother. The ending is gut-wrenching as it yanks the carpet from under your feet. A purposeful statement that strips away any glamour of terrorism, whatever the cause, reason, or rationale they use to justify it. Their inhuman mission aside, "Paradise Now" does compel an appreciation for these unfortunate young men blindly accepting their fate with empty promises. This is the first Palestinian film to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Matt H (ag) wrote: So funny!!! Everyone needs to watch.

Brandon B (jp) wrote: The director of We Need to Talk About Kevin's directorial debut sounds as bleak and disturbing as the above was. I'm in.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: What makes this revealing documentary so disturbing and tragic is that it shows us that Aileen was clearly in need of psychological help instead of an electric chair and was surrounded by a bunch of self-seeking psychopaths who shamelessly exploited her situation for money.

Ga H (ca) wrote: how the hell have i never seen this before?? dripping with atmosphere, i spent more than half this film on the edge of my seat wondering who the hell the killer was, i'd worked it out about the hour mark then spent the rest of the film thinking no woman get away!!!!! two things i noticed, how well shot the film is, great cinematography and for english people abroad how frustrating is it not to understand the lingo?? no french subtitles leave you in the victims shoes trying to work out what the hell people are upto, a very very clever and effective movie trick, i liked a lot.. this is being remade and i urge anyone who's going to see the remake buy this first. i got it new for 5 off amazon new.. i can't remember the last time i spent so little on such a good film. 10/10 brilliant

Edith N (gb) wrote: "Young lady"? Mae West? Look it up--when this movie was made, she was over forty. He was sixty--and died a few years later. Then again, it's just as easy to believe as that she's a wild gunslinger who can shoot her way out of an Indian attack--or, come to think of it, that W. C. Fields's companion is an Indian. Anyway, I'm done. Unless someone gives me a pretty compelling reason, I won't be bothering with any other W. C. Fields movies, either. After the Marx Brothers marathon, I still could have taken in one of the post-Zeppo ones. However, if I never see another Mae West movie again, that'll be just dandy. Maybe it's the era. Maybe some humour translates better after sixty years than others does; I can't be sure. Heck, some jokes are still funny thousands of years later--see Aesop, for example. But I rather assume that for every work that stands the test of time, there must be a dozen or more that don't. Mae West, I suppose, is one that doesn't. The other thing I noticed is that she really wasn't [i]that[/i] well-endowed, either. Oh, she made the most of what she had, and certainly she was better-endowed than most of the fashionable women of the time, but mostly, it's that she had a large frame. Breast size generally balances out to frame size, though I've certainly known exceptions in my day. Frankly, [i]I'm[/i] better-endowed, though I'm also quite a bit taller. (She was 5'1".) Oh, well. Anyway, you can't really be a film buff without seeing movies by a fairly sizable list of people--whether you like the movies or not. You still have to be able to talk about them intelligently. I can now intelligently explain why I don't like Mae West movies.

Katie R (mx) wrote: I guess I'm a sucker for Edna Ferber material. It's made bright by it's cast. Edward Arnold has always been a favorite of mine, and it's hard not to love Walter Brennan. Frances Farmer gives one of her best performance, playing both a sultry mother and her naive daughter.

Calvin C (mx) wrote: A Fred and Finger movie where they are not the main love interests, yet feel like they are. Some great songs from Irving Berlin and great dancing as well, the film suffers from a 2 hour plot that could have easily been told in 90 minutes. The movie actually drags when there is not singing or dancing.Grade: B-

Steve P (mx) wrote: Though at times a bit slow paced, this true English story about King Henry II and his good friend Thomas Becket is a strong story that jumps into the themes of friendship, religion and power. It is lifted by a good performance by Richard Burton (Becket) and an exceptional, Oscar-worthy winning performance by O'Toole (Henry II).

Jacob D (ag) wrote: A classic that everyone knows and everyone loves it and people will watch it for years to come.

Jeremi C (mx) wrote: The symbolism demonstrated by Golding in the novel (and the British original) is upfront and unmissable. However, this mediocre remake somehow misses the psychological point of everything and thus leaves us with a boring, predictable story of a lost group of boys on an island.

Rico F (ca) wrote: I thought the premise behind this film was well put together. Whilst there were so many different characters, they were all interesting enough to draw the audience in and it was intriguing to see how each character was interrelated. Would have been nice to see Stallone's character developed a bit more though. Movie explores the theme of facing your fears head on.