Convicts 4

Convicts 4

This movie is about the progression of John Resko's (Ben Gazzara) character as he is commuted from the death sentence for killing a man to life in prison. Not only is he transferred to a new facility, but his guard (Stuart Whitman), who believes that man can be rehabilitated, has requested a transfer from death row

This movie is about the progression of John Resko's (Ben Gazzara) character as he is commuted from the death sentence for killing a man to life in prison... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill J (au) wrote: Really enjoyed this look into Joanna Rowlings life. She deserves every success she has attained .

Pamela T (ag) wrote: Just saw this movie for the first time a few days ago and loved it! Very sweet, thoughtful movie. Thought it was a positive movie~very funny too~ about working through the touch spots in relationships and how love endures in the end.

Marisa D (gb) wrote: We should always do what we think it's correct. That's what this movie is about. The story is pretty nice and involves cars, which I simply love =) Nice movie!

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/21/2010)

Gary C (ca) wrote: The final instalment of the Infernal Affairs Trilogy is set both directly after the events of the first film as well as in the months leading up to them, introducing two new characters in the mix as well as fleshing out the part played the psycho-analyst played by Kelly Chen. The timeline jumps back and forth repeatedly which can make the narrative seem a little confused as Yan's character makes an appearance even after his death as Lau's mental state deteriorates. Unfortunately it is this plot development that leads the trilogy into unconvincing melodrama as his schizophrenia seems very contrived and gimmicky. The scenes set earlier in the erratic timeline are better but they don't really add anything to the original story making part III seem like its making excuses for its own existence. It is still well directed and performed and is certainly not a complete waste of time, but it feels more like a tacked on addendum rather than a natural continuation of the Infernal Affairs story.

Paul C (ru) wrote: This comedy did get some laughs out of me, but not enough for me to say it was an excellent film. The story was kind of weak. so you really need to rely on the humor to keep you going. But like I said, it was a little funny, but not funny enough. John Candy did a pretty good job. There is one scene where he is handcuffed to Ernie Hudson. Hudson was inside a room and made Candy stand outside the door. That was a really funny scene. You need to watch it to see what I am saying. There is actually a few really good scenes thanks to John Candy. Eugene Levy was decent, but not that funny. Joe Flaherty was Candy's partner in crime in the film. He did a decent job. So overall it was just an ok movie.

Deanna B (gb) wrote: Extremely disappointing because he was a truly amazing man sadly the movie didn't do him justice.

Daniel A (ag) wrote: I have some love for useless B "animal" moviesThsi one is in the category "so bad it gets good"Good in the way you laugh at the horrible piece of junkuseless effects, horrible actors and laughable storyWell it can ofcourse not get more then 1 star..but i think you should check it out anyway if you like these kind of B flicksBig Plus for Gunnar Hansen in role list!!