Truckers form a mile long "convoy" in support of a trucker's vendetta with an abusive sheriff...Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall.

Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall, the movie tells the adventure of long-distance trucker Rubber Duck on the run from corrupt sheriff Lyle Wallace. What follows is a massive truckers' convoy, plenty of CB banter, and a whole lot of smashed-up police cars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Convoy torrent reviews

Chris P (kr) wrote: This is an awesomely cheesy low-budget sci-fi film. So hilarious. How can you can wrong with an evil mutated rubber duck?

Joey C (kr) wrote: I dont even like the group, but the documentary is great.

John S (ca) wrote: This was so funny, i laughed all the way through it, this guy is hilarious. He has a modest humor about him that makes you love him, and his facial expressions and impressions will have you rotflyao.

James M (de) wrote: I highly regret paying money to watch this...

Christa M (ag) wrote: Hey. It's my favorite genre--the Lifetime movie.Actually, I don't think this was a Lifetime original, but it was on the old LMN one Saturday night and I watched it. Pretty good.

Joshua C (jp) wrote: I laughed so hard at Michael Clarke Duncan during the end credits...

Brian E (de) wrote: I personally liike, if you like movies that seem like an after school special.

Kaman Y (jp) wrote: Where the hell they found people willing to spent their money to make such a unbelievably rubbish movie??? Credit goes to all the dancers (who can really dance), are all amazing B boy. What the hell is Chris Brown doing in this movie?

Aidan K (br) wrote: Silly, comic book kung fu, to a hip hop beat. Loved it. Not everyone's cup of tea though.

Donald S (us) wrote: John Travolta playing (...with...) himself AGAIN.