Cool It

Cool It

A documentary that takes an alternative approach to dealing with the global warming crisis.

A documentary that takes an alternative approach to dealing with the global warming crisis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pat M (au) wrote: anything but ordinary,it's COLORFULLY pleasing and appealing.

Rob G (es) wrote: Pretty good Aussie film

Paul P (es) wrote: low budget zombie film about three slackers who seem to thrive at the end of the worldMuch better than you would think

Campbell P (ag) wrote: Not Another Teen Movie potentially could've been a really funny or even remotely entertaining movie. Sadly this is not the case at all. You'd have to have super low expectations for this movie to say that it was better than expected. I had some expectations but they weren't very high ones and I loathed every bit of it. The story follows Janey, a nerdy girl who is just trying to get by in life and nobody pays attention to until one day when a bet is made by Jake to make her prom queen. This sounds like a funny setup but instead we get fart/poop jokes, gross out scenes, and really horrendous dialogue. This is the easiest dialogue ever written I swear, a 14 year old could've written this based on basic teen movies and playboy mags. I was disappointed because there could've been some clever writing to go along with the movie but half the stuff didn't make sense or was just stupid. The cliches that it refers to and "parodies" rarely work and as a result make themselves the cliche they are making fun of. When Janey finds out Jake's secret (which isn't even a spoiler because you see it coming a mile away) the worst possible thing happens in a movie like this. They sing... Yeah the song is horrendous and doesn't make any sense. Janey and Jake both are torn apart and yet they both still like each other and think they will make up for it at the dance but when they get there they just make angry eyes the whole time and avoid each other. UGH!! This movie is so frustratingly awful! The jokes were never funny to me, I didn't laugh once or even think something was cleverly written in the least. The acting by Chris Evans and Chyler Leigh wasn't even that great. It's mainly due to poor dialogue but man nobody gave a good performance. It's sad that a potentially good idea was in the wrong hands of the wrong people with the wrong minds. Not Another Teen Movie is a horrendous attempt to make a funny teen comedy that you'll probably find in a garbage can outside an abandoned Blockbuster. F

M C (mx) wrote: A fun movie with great F/X, but nowhere near Joe Dante's best work. 54/100

Cline D (de) wrote: Niveau, heu, -14 !!!!

Noname (us) wrote: Very violent movie with the same theme as American History X. One of Russell Crowes earlier movie. This one has less story then AH X and more gang fights. American History X are much better as a movie but this isnt to bad.

Jeremy F (ru) wrote: Predator... Project X... Prince Of Darkness... The Princess Bride... Robocop... Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn... Hellraiser... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon... Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors... AKIRA... Adventures in Babysitting... Creepshow 2... Deathstalker II... Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow... Eddie Murphy Raw... Empire of the Sun... Dragnet... Dirty Dancing... Doki Doki Panic... Ernest Goes to Camp... Fatal Attraction... Flowers in the Attic... Full Metal Jacket... G.I. Joe: The Movie... Goonies II... Hot Pursuit... Jaws: The Revenge... The Last Emperor... Lethal Weapon... Masters of the Universe... The New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse... Metal Gear... Street Fighter... Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients... Necropolis... The Lost Boys... Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol... Ms. Pac-Man... The Quick and the Dead... Raising Arizona... Rampage... Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise... Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers... Superman IV: The Quest for Peace... Surf Nazis Must Die... Spaceballs... The Running Man... Roxanne... Teen Wolf Too... The Untouchables... Zombie vs. Ninja... Megaman... Final Fantasy... Howling III...Everyone of these titles were available to watch or play back in 1987, so who would be insane enough to pass up all else to waste time on this?! ...i WOOD. (the "iWood" now comes in red oak, hickery, or pine cone flavor)

danela h (it) wrote: minisiries, tv series, and final battle movie

Kevin R (us) wrote: I think the game is twisting your mind.Phillip Elliot is a wide receiver that would do anything to play. He has a bad knee but a great relationship and chemistry with the star quarterback. He's getting sick of the fast lifestyle and looks to settle down with his girl. We watch as his career opportunities appear to be increasing after a big touchdown catch in the play-offs; but in professional football, careers and opportunities disappear in the wink of an eye."Better football through chemistry."Ted Kotcheff, director of First Blood, Winter People, Switching Channels, Wake in Fright, Weekend at Bernie's, Hidden Assassin, and Cry Rape, delivers North Dallas Forty. The storyline for this picture is very entertaining and tells the tale of the short lives of NFL player's the harsh realities of pain killers in the league as well as their lavish lifestyles. "They're shooting at cows.""They're too drunk to hit anything."This was recommended to me a long time ago on Rottentomatoes and I came across it again some years later on Netflix. I found this film well put together and a nice glimpse into the issues of pro sports. This is a film the NFL wouldn't even let get made today. I recommend giving this film a viewing. I don't feel much has likely changed since this came out."I want you to knock his cock into his watch pocket."Grade: A-

Michael G (mx) wrote: One of Rocky's better films. But take her away and you get a very sketchy film.

Jrme V (jp) wrote: OK : this one is for movie geeks among you. One of the first peplum in cinema history, at time when Italy, not Hollywood, was the Mecca of cinema. Some scenes are still gorgeous today (my personal favourite being Hannibal??s army through the Alps)? Trivia: it is suppose to be the first movie with camera??s movements. Oh! And the inspiration for D.W. Griffith??s Intolerance (which I haven??t see yet).

Brandon S (es) wrote: A beautiful celebration of life and what it really means to live well.

Steven W (fr) wrote: Badass babe gets revenge story. What more could I ask for?

jackson m (nl) wrote: Despite gaining less interest than the directors other films, "The Trouble With Harry" is among Hitchcock's best. A black comedy that not only pushes the envelope through Hitchcock's daring sexual innuendos, but also through its audacious attempt to display the benefits of having a dead body (especially when you consider the films historical context).

Sean M (br) wrote: Pretentious bullshit, Tim Roth was great