Cop in Drag

Cop in Drag


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Martin G (gb) wrote: Trs bon film qubcois , l'histoire de Louis Cyr est bien reprsent avec un bon scnario. , Antoine Bertrand est plus que convaincant dans le rle principal. Trs bien ralis

Ambre P (us) wrote: haha the artwork is amazing

mikaela s (it) wrote: I want to see this movie so bad

Olivier C (ag) wrote: c'est un documentaire sur un pre de famille psychotic

Larry G (gb) wrote: Balloons and a lawn chair is all you need in your search for happiness. A sappy movie that I guarantee will make you smile. If you have Netflix, check it out.

Jayden (jp) wrote: yeh this movie was really intereting my 8 year old bro chose it out and when i saw it i thought it would be crappy but then i saw it and it was actually really interesting, i enjoyed it Liam-

Graeme R (de) wrote: I'm actually in this film as an extra. It was filmed in Basingstoke

Grant H (br) wrote: Good movie. Very suspenseful, very thrilling, with an amazing performance from Pitt.

William K (kr) wrote: Pretty interesting Pic. A little low budget, but it's still looks good, and it's the guy from A Clockwork Orange

Zack B (nl) wrote: I enjoyed the musical inventiveness going on, strange lights coloring entire rooms and sets spinning hallucinogenically. As for the movie as a whole, it's a mess, but a delightful one at that.

James B (es) wrote: An oldie but a goodie.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Long on action, short on engagement, which makes for a high-body-count-but-who-cares-anyway sort of film. Walter Hill's got a beautiful redneck noir thing going here, a dusty Texas podunk town in the middle of nowhere,hoods dressed outta Capone's Chicago days, everyone talking tough (right on the edge of parody - only Walken seems to know, dipping his toes into it every once in awhile) and acting smart, but his characters fail to connect, dulling the possibilities. Then the gunplay starts again, right when you was starting to doze off, and it don't seem so bad then.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Terrible, not even remotely funny. No one talks. All the humans and animals mumble making for an annoying mess of a movie. The entire time I hardly heard any laughter by both children and adults alike.I was hoping for a Chicken Run or a Wallace and Gromit but was sadly disappointed. I have no idea how this movie is rated so high.