Cop Out

Cop Out

Detectives Jimmy and Paul, despite nine years as partners, can still sometimes seem like polar opposites – especially when Paul's unpredictable antics get them suspended without pay. Already strapped for cash and trying to pay for his daughter's wedding, Jimmy decides to sell a rare baseball card that's worth tens of thousands. Unfortunately, when the collector's shop is robbed and the card vanishes with the crook, Paul and Jimmy end up going rogue, tracking down the card and the drug ring behind its theft, all on their own time, and without any backup – except for each other.

Veteran detective Jimmy Monroe needs money to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, so he decides it's time to sell his prized '52 Pafko baseball card. But when it's stolen, he recruits his partner to track down the thief, a memorabilia-obsessed gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (it) wrote: 80s horror what can i say,this is how they should all be.

Kieran L (br) wrote: Fascinating account of the artist Wayne White and his contemporaries. Interesting insight into the world of animation and the demands of being a relatively successful artist in television and latterly the more main stream world of art.

Daniel T (au) wrote: quite disappointing movie, more from the critics who write about their interest in the style. The movie has little dialog, and mostly the main character walks around looking at people, and you are suppose to know what is being said. Could have been a short subject movie, given it's slow pace and little revelations about his ability to heal his prisoner.

Todd S (nl) wrote: This low-budget creep fest is a little under-cooked, but way above most horror films with larger budgets. Not as gimmicky as, say, HUMAN CENTIPEDE, but its twists and tension make it worth your while. On Demand, iTunes and in Theaters now.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Unusual, original and delightful.

Dean K (fr) wrote: The 4th and worst of the series so far. Doesn't have any of the characters from the first three films. It doesn't really explain where the hybrid came from or where it was created, so it doesn't have a good link to the other films. It has a very slow, dull build up to the last 20 mins or so. If they ever go back to this series it has to be with a link to the first film and hopefully with a decent idea and budget!

Jeremy B (mx) wrote: Sienna Miller is AMAZING!

Marta K (mx) wrote: Educational, more of a TV production.

Eric H (nl) wrote: Endgame despite being a very bad movie, is at least better than The Quickening but I say that if you really want a good movie about immortals, check out the original.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Overrated cliches with some great casting and music. It's the storyline that needs work.

Amy S (it) wrote: theres a movie? lol i remember watching this cartoon. babar was like one of my faves when i was a kid.