An agoraphobic psychologist and a female detective must work together to take down a serial killer who copies serial killers from the past.

Deeply shaken after being assaulted by a deranged man (Harry Connick Jr.), Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) must face her fears if she is to help solve a series of murders. With an agoraphobic psychologist, she has to take down the serial killer who copies serial killers from the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yu C (kr) wrote: One of the best movies produced in China...My favorite Chinese director...

Matt B (br) wrote: Ok if not for Bullet Tooth Tony, this movie would have completely sucked. The main actor is amazingly over dramatic. Kimbo Slice has no purpose to the entire plot. Forrest Griffin was the entire 5 minutes he was in it. Yes this is a fine MMA Tapout Production. It is almost as good as a WWE production. Take that for the what it is worth.

Kyle S (mx) wrote: This movie is well made, brilliantly acted, and will help you understand what espionage is really about. Skip Bond and Bourne, Smiley all the way, baby!

YK G (ca) wrote: I don't get why such a silly book deserve a movie adaptation.

Bob R (us) wrote: Due to where I first saw this flick and who I was with, this is an important movie to me. I will always be taken back to that evening in that apartment. The salmon and shrimp were great. We also ate dragon fruit the next morning.Nate came over the next morning and ate up some sausage n eggs we made. But Nate was welcome, because he was the one who brought this film to my attention.He said it reminded him of me and my doctor visit to Akron (4 hours away from where we were, we were in Cincinnati).This movie is awesome.

Jason D (it) wrote: Strange Invaders walks a very fine line between being a cult hit film and being a laughable dud from the 80's. The film starts off in the quaint 50's in the town of Centerville, where simple people live simple lives until an alien invasion occurs, taking over the entire town by capturing everyone's souls and wearing their flesh. Some twenty odd years later, college professor Paul Le Mat goes in search of his ex-wife after she goes missing for a few days, only to find out about the aliens in town and flees back to New York. The only problem is that the aliens follow him back and amass a body count trying to track him down. Mat enlists the help of tabloid reporter Nancy Allen (Robocop), who we have to wait 35 minutes in to finally see, as well as former alien invasion survivor Michael Lerner (Anguish), who we have to wait over an hour to finally see as they battle the aliens in Centerville in hopes of saving Mat's kidnapped daughter. My reason for the movie walking that fine line is simple, it goes back and forth from being a decent 80's film to a boring 80's film. After they introduce Lerner's character, the film actually becomes a lot of fun and rather enjoyable. The effects are actually pretty good, showcasing some surprisingly violent, grossness to them that I was not expecting. The film also supplies a bevy of interesting appearances from the likes of June Lockhart (Lost in Space), Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), popular cartoon voice actor Wallace Shawn (Toy Story series, The Incredibles), and Jack Kehler (Pineapple Express). Great cast, but I don't know if they were used well enough. Average movie.

Jessi t (ca) wrote: I wonder why more romances don't center around abortion as the major plot point?

Jesse F (ru) wrote: A devious twisted thriller that loves to play with your mind. Jennifer Aniston is great here.

Ben T (us) wrote: Cute movie, especially for dog lovers everywhere.