Two friends grow up together in the Sicily of the '50s. Two different destiny, two different way of life. Could their friendship survive to the mafia shadow?

Two friends grow up together in the Sicily of the '50s. Two different destiny, two different way of life. Could their friendship survive to the mafia shadow? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Corleone torrent reviews

Ali P (ca) wrote: Very good Italian comedy...

Glen S (fr) wrote: amazing and quite good actualy !

Eric M (ca) wrote: This direct-to-tv movie came out RIGHT after the buzz of "Twister" hit America. I remember.

Mario D (nl) wrote: Hope they do more than with the sequel

Johanna M (us) wrote: Very upsetting film! I just can't believe that this really happened not far from where I live now. How on earth can there be that evil people who let this horrible thing happen?? It's not a fictional movie. Everything is real! I cried the entire film...

Rachel B (ag) wrote: haha i used to love these movies!

David M (jp) wrote: "Wings of Desire", a film by Wim Wenders, is a classic movie with a not-so-classic story. The angels in the movie are invisible, human-like figures who watch over the people of Berlin. Throughout the movie, the angels form indirect relationships with some of these people, considering that they cannot see, hear, or even know that the angels are there. This makes the plot very interesting and keeps the audience's full attention on the screen. Even though the storyline is somewhat slow, the plot is what keeps it going. There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot that keep the movie interesting. Observing the physical universe for some time causes an angel named Damiel to develop a desire to be human. This alone is a huge turning point in the story and plays a big part in the hidden meaning behind this movie. There are many aspects of this movie that play a part in making it a masterpiece. One of those aspects is the acting. The actors in "Wings of Desire" make it feel like you aren't even watching a movie. The way that the movie is shot, along with the performance of the actors, make it seem like you are watching something actually happen in real life. Considering the slow storyline, the acting in this movie is subtle, but very bold at the same time. The actors seem to find a way to grasps the audience's attention very strongly. This is important, considering that most of the movie is in black and white and is slow-paced. Without the acting being as great as it was, "Wings of Desire" would not be the classic movie that it is today. The cinematography of this movie is another aspect that caught my attention. The way that this movie was shot gives the audience a completely difference viewing experience compared to other movies. There is such a variety of camera angles and lighting that make the entire movie a pleasure to watch. All of these things keep the audience engaged, but comfortable, for the entire movie. There are a fair amount of point-of-view shots that make you feel like you are in the movie, and that the actors are talking to you. This alone makes the audience feel connected with this movie. It grabs the audience and makes them feel one with the actors and the setting. During the story, the movie is shot in black and white and eventually changes to full color. This gives the movie a unique feel to it, considering that most people today have only watched colored movies and television. The black and white makes it seem like an old-time movie, but with a modern touch. All of these aspects of the cinematography play a large part in making "Wings of Desire" a movie that is hard to stop watching. The choice of music in this film is something that is worth paying attention to. Most of the music in this movie is soft and comforting, making it easy to listen to. It also goes along perfectly with the overall vibe of this movie, which causes the audience to have a better grasp on what the director was trying to make them feel. The director intended for the audience to have an emotional outlook on the movie, and the music played a huge role in that. "Wings of Desire" is a very memorable movie because of its ability to capture the audience, even though it is subtle and slow. The setting, plot, cinematography, acting, and music are all key aspects in making this movie such a classic. Even being an action movie kind of man, this movie was able to keep me engaged the entire time. The director added so many little, but noticeable, things throughout the movie that causes it to have that certain something that makes it hard to stop watching.

jason h (us) wrote: Swamp Thing is a cute love story with some action tossed in. That pretty much covers it.

Matt M (br) wrote: A prince falls for an ordinary girl. A vehicle for Italian singing star Gigliola Cinquetti, of a genre known as 'musicarello' which was very popular at the time. How Do I Love You is quite a weak movie with a weak plot but is still one of the finest examples of this particular type of film.

Zeeshan K (jp) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

shelly b (ca) wrote: Own the alice in wonderland part of this version, have yet to see this second part yet though

Matthew H (mx) wrote: Nothing says Family entertainment then ripping off a Batman villain to promote sexism against men... This movie is just dumb and its not worth it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: Not good movie to watch