A body. No clues. No suspects.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Corpo 2007 full movies, Corpo torrents movie

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Nick E (nl) wrote: Despite being predictable and over-sentimental St. Vincent nonetheless delivers a fine performance from Bill Murray.

David M (nl) wrote: Couldn't agree more with RT's review. It had great promise but just wasn't as funny as we all wanted it to be. Maybe Diaz wasn't the right one for the job. Pretty good for a rainy night in on the couch tho.

Duncan P (it) wrote: I can't claim to have more than passing familiarity with the source material, but it's actually a surprisingly decent Western take on a very Japanese thing, and stands well on its own as a pretty damn good animation in the Western canon too. Bonus points to them for accuracy in their work for a last minute or so that goes completely, hilariously Japanese on us.

Quecuatl K (au) wrote: As a documentary it's well executed and it flows nicely. As a subject, I have a hard time really feeling in awe of these guys as they all got it pretty easy when all was said and done. They had rampant orgy sex, they blew up a few buildings then by the late 70's nobody remembered who they were. Now they're all teaching class pondering their existence and despairing if they were wrong or right. What would Malcolm X think?

Machiel H (fr) wrote: Knap maar vermoeiend, zo'n film die uit niet meer dan 39 shots bestaat.

Jesse M (kr) wrote: The ending is what makes me love Samuel L Jackson.

mickey m (au) wrote: maybe its a good movie if it is english coz its hard to watch the movie when u are reading the sub title, all i know its a sad movie.

Leo S (jp) wrote: Not Pedro's best, but still an enjoyable, if not over the top, flick.

Mereie d (mx) wrote: Cold war sci-fi thriller from the mid-seventies, starring Elliott Gould, Trevor Howard and Joe Bova. The good thing about this movie is - actually I am about to state the ovious here, since it's the film's main theme anyway - the viewer's constant confusion about the main character's identity. Who is this roboman, or actually the man with the steel face, who might be a Russian agent instead of who he says he is. Gould plays his role of disbeliefing FBI agent well, albeit a bit wooden at times. I liked the subjective camera techniques used from time to time, and also the way the scenes with Gould and those with Howard got intertwined to confuse the viewer as much as the FBI guys. The ending is very nice too. It's not quite what I had expected to happen, but whoever invented it made a clever choice. And perhaps it's a good thing DNA research did not exist yet in the mid-seventies, for it would have ruined the entire concept of this intriguing movie.

Reece L (br) wrote: Day for Night is Truffaut's salute to cinema, a funny, interesting, and heartfelt look at the process of making a movie, exploring the inbreeding of the cast, the joys of finally getting the difficult shots in the can, and the extent to which a director has to go to just to make sure the film is made at all, let alone made great.