Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Set in a 19th-century european village, this stop-motion animation feature follows the story of Victor, a young man whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious corpse bride, while his real bride Victoria waits bereft in the land of the living.

A unreal story with many mysterious situations when a shy groom organizes his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she appearants from the grave assuming he has married her. What will hapen with them? Please see this movie! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DA Z (us) wrote: It has rarely been so enjoyable to watch the life of a jaded cynic fall apart as he insults and loses all the people closest to him. Philip, played with uncanny brilliance by Jason Schwartzman, is a rudely uncompromising writer living in the shadow of the popularity of his first novel. However, as the publication of his second novel doesn't go as smoothly as expected, Philip becomes as insultingly unrelenting as ever, making it impossible to empathize with him yet making it impossible to look away.Elizabeth Moss shines in her role as his tormented girlfriend, Ashley, having to deal with his incessant rants and self-loathing temperament. Philip attempts to realign his personal perspectives by leaving Ashley and befriending one of his literary idols, Ike Zimmerman, who is almost equally as emotionally dissociated and self-absorbed as Philip. Zimmerman invites Philip to live with him in his country home as Philip teaches creative writing at a local liberal arts college, and the duo seemingly live for any bit of misery and deprecation they can gripe about.The nihilistic undertones of the tale are palpable, and yet Listen Up Philip remains to be a highly entertaining and comical experience, proving that even the most insufferable characters can be the most pleasurable to watch.

Shin D (au) wrote: a great sequel, more action, more story and more interesting

Roshan Ram R (ru) wrote: A very mediocre movie with lots of wooden acting! But....... what a frikin hilarious and smart premise. I LOLed in couple of moments. Could have been better, still you gotta catch for its cheekiness.

casia g (jp) wrote: I really love this movie its inspiring for kids but its pg13

Zelyaine T (nl) wrote: The film had very funny moments and was well done, especially with the impressive acting, but I was disappointed at how much the movie would make extremely little sense if one has not read the book before hand. This made the plot seem stretched or contrived, whereas the book is quite excellent and follows perfect sense. As much a I love Augusten Burroughs' books, I don't think this should have been made into a film. Didn't think so before, didn't think so after.

mitchgaiL D (us) wrote: This movie is kinda heart wrenching. It brought a real message that this animals are one of the endangered species in earth. It reflects the significant life of tigers which normally they have a life like humans that needs to live and be appreciated aside from the fact that this animals are dangerous. The plot may be simple enough but its a heart warming story and they were cute.

Adrienne L (kr) wrote: Many years ago I thought this was kick ass. Now I think its just demented and depressing. Lena Olin's character is plain scary (and not at all sexy). Poor Juliette Lewis gets another trashy sidekick offering to work with. A real turn off. Tastes change.

J C (jp) wrote: This is my favorite Michael Keaton film,its a "Keaton Classic" as I like to call it. You'll Laugh and have a good time with this movie.

Robert N (it) wrote: Comcast had a spoiler right in their damn synopsis. "Off Limits (1988). Willem Dafoe, Gregory Hines. During the Vietnam War, two military policemen are tracking a brutal killer who is preying on prostitutes--and the trail is leading them to a man they don't want to cross. With Fred Ward." Gosh, I wonder who could be the killer? What happened to Scott Glenn was idiotic. And there's a scene in the middle that was so overwrought, I pictured Mary Katherine Gallagher saying, "My feelings can best be expressed by this scene from the Vietnam War murder mystery Off Limits, in which the grizzled military detective played by Willem Dafoe takes refuge in the room of the nun who loves him, played by Amanda Pays..."

Bob V (jp) wrote: After "Mildred Pierce" confirmed Joan Crawford's ability as an actress (instead of just a glamorous star), she went on for a brief period to play better roles in more complex films. Although Crawford had a limited acting range, she was perhaps the best of her generation withing that limited range, and she proved that once more in this film, for which she was again nominated for an Oscar. Jack Palance holds his own against La Crawford and Gloria Grahame does what she does best: being sultry and whispery and generally a bit of a bitch. Although the experiences movie goer won't be surprised by the climax, there are plenty of expertly shot scenes full of dramatic tension, and it's doubtful Joan's antics will bore you.

Roy C (kr) wrote: Boo, Noah Bernett only got one line.