Cosas que nunca te dije

Cosas que nunca te dije

Ann's boyfriend calls her from Prague. Twenty-five days after leaving her at the airport, he confesses he does not love her any more and that he is with another girl. Ann calls a telephone ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   suicide,   torture,  

Ann's boyfriend calls her from Prague. 25 days after leaving her at the airport he confess that he does not love her any more and that he is with another girl. Ann calls a phone line for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (nl) wrote: You've got to give this film full kudos for realising what is actually a very enjoyable, atmospheric and sometimes amusing pastiche between Michael Mann, 'Drive' and John Woo. I'll leave it at that but it's inspired. I loved it. Superb performances and for such a low budget it's nothing sort of a masterpiece. Well done!!!

Joe K (ru) wrote: very funny absolutely crazy but has you creasing up at times.... eastenders andrew heathers fella shows he more than just an actor hes nuts ha class defo worth a watch

Jack Y (nl) wrote: Even Jessica Simpsons looks cant keep an audiences interest in this ill-conceived, poorly directed turkey.

Levi C (kr) wrote: For those that don't get scared by horror movies probably don't want to watch this because it is simpleminded and can put you to sleep. If you are afraid of dolls or clowns like me as a child, this movie gets intense for you. Although they keep jump scares as their main focus, the stories end just blows your mind and makes you want to watch how all of it happened in the first place.

Terry Y (ca) wrote: Yeah, I can relate...

Matt H (de) wrote: A masterpiece of chinese film! This is the most moving film I've seen in ages. It chronicles the life of a chinese family over 40 years. Powerful cinema!

Dusty L (jp) wrote: 84% on my Tomatometer.

Mariana A (us) wrote: Crummy acting, but the story is interesting and important enough to overlook that. Fairly upsetting, as should be the case with Holocaust movies.

Desiree S (au) wrote: not as good as i thought!

flintraphotmailcom f (ag) wrote: Was ok, watched it based on other peoples reviews. I kinda skipped through parts of it after an hour, You knew the ending based on the plot events pretty quick in the show.

michael b (fr) wrote: this is not a friendly guy

Amber S (gb) wrote: A story that echoes the mesmerizing stripped down paradoxical simplicity and philosophical complexity of Waiting for Godot.

Brody M (ca) wrote: Not 1 of Bogarts best

Jennifer H (de) wrote: Terrible movie. Terrible, terrible, terrible movie. Don't get me wrong, maybe if you and your friends were high off of Dr. Pepper, Oreos, and Puffy-Twisted Cheetos, then maybe this movie would offer some good laughs. But the laughs are brought out not because the movie provides hilarious conflicts and comedic characters. You'd be laughing at them, not with them, and there is only so much laughter for mockery until your mind works out the logic of how utterly moronic and pointless this movie can be and your tears of laughter become tears of pain and grief. Pain for the crew who made this movie. The pain knowing they had to come everyday just to work on a film with complete foresight that their hard work was in vain. Grief for the audience that saw this movie when it was released. I cant understand how any generation wants to be painted like this. Dancing on the beach... all day, dancing at the club... all night, kissing your guy/gal while free falling with a parachute, having an endless amount of finances... with no job BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO BUSY DANCING ON THE BEACH. How in the world did Frankie and Annette make so many of these films?By the way, I don't believe Bonnie was flirting with Frankie just to get Steve's attention. If that were so she would have been eying Steve to see if he was jealous which he ALWAYS WAS and she never eyed him. She only had eyes for Frankie who had eyes for Sugar but somehow he ends the movie with Annette. Probably because she's paid bigger bucks by the Disney Corporation.