Così parlò Bellavista

Così parlò Bellavista

Naples, Italy, 1970. The story of an "expanded" family trying to overcome daily affairs.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:photo booth,  

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hate e (nl) wrote: this movie was a very big disappointment. when i read about it the first time i thought it could be quite funny. the synopsis suggested a crime comedy mix with some nice twists and plenty to laugh about. but i was totally mistaken. the plot had no real dynamic and all the plot twists were not surprising at all, if you can even call them twists. add to that a bunch of stereotype characters with no depth and personality and you can imagine how captivated i was by this movie. i thank god that the total absence of good jokes and comedy didn't distract me form experiencing this absence of emotion in this great void of boredom. don't get me wrong. i didn't want to puke during the movie or something like that. it was only after i resurfaced from this sea of dullness that i realized how much of a big waste of time this movie was.

victor l (it) wrote: The movie had an interesting synopsis but after watching it, Pingpong left me with a bitter taste because the characters are under developed and the situations are superficial and not believable at all. Partially involving but dull. Sometimes I felt I was watching The Graduate remake but with a dull version.

PJ P (jp) wrote: Finely honed performances by Halle Barry and Benicio del Toro in Susanne Bier's American debut movie. A random act of violence leaves Audrey Burke (Berry)a widow whose evolving complex (ok, occasionally mysteriously motivated) relationship with her dead husband's dropped-out junkie best friend Jerry (del Toro) from suspicious dislike to warmth and compassion forms the, OK, not particularly original, storyline.Bier's minimalist Dogma 95 direction has lots of close-ups of Berry and del Toro, and although in truth there are no very great demands on them, it is still a pleasure to watch bloody skilled acting. I was a little unhappy that the plot sometimes has the characters behaving in randomly improbable and inexplicable ways - hey, people do, and if Things We Lost in the Fire is not a better film, the shortcomings are mostly due to a rather clunky screenplay by Allan Loeb.But as for the serious themes. Well, there's a nasty moment when Jerry almost sinks from being a heroin addict to being a mortgage broker. He is an ex (pre-heroin days) lawyer, and easily passes the requisite exam. At the end of the movie he seems well on the way to rehabilitation, but worryingly, his old mortgage-broking groomer Howard (John Carroll Lynch) is back in the neighbourhood having, in typical addictive fashion, returned to the wife he had left. Scary stuff, and we are in the end left wondering if Jerry is really cured, or if like so many will return to mortgage brokering, destroying not only his own life, but those of many other innocent people.

John T (jp) wrote: Girls cheat at cards. It's cheap ass and the acting at times is pretty bad, but it entertained me for an hour and a half. I don't think I'd watch it again... Borderline sub-indie.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Slow, confusing, but not a bad sci-fi flick. There isn't much action, but it makes up for it with thrills and story. The character's are not really too interesting, but they fit the overall plot well. It does get a little old after 40 minutes though, but otherwise, a decent watch.

Eleshia B (ca) wrote: This is a great story about a dysfunctional family. Lots of laughs throughout. One of my favorites.

Kristen C (nl) wrote: An interesting premise spattered with some slow spots. This movie is definitely not one of Robin Williams' worst and is entirely watchable, though defining a genre or a target audience is rather hard.

Catherine A (us) wrote: Brad Pitt porn! Say no more. No wonder the critics hate it!

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: I Stand Alone is the sequel to Carne which continues the story of the horse butcher going on a downward spiral. It retented the same style distinctively Noe and added monologues about the inner struggles of the butcher. The surrealism didn't work as well in the film however. It is still a powerful art house nonetheless.

Ummay B (it) wrote: I loved the bungalow!! I mean for THAT time, I am rating it as 4 star film...

Paul C (gb) wrote: Good post-Vietnam drama which kinda creeps up on you - mot notably because of Ed Harris' restrained performance - only to break down in mesmerising fashion at the unravelling of the tension between the two leads!

Jerome M (mx) wrote: A very interesting look into the world of pro-football of the seventies (although I sure things are not THAT different to this day). In fact, this would make a good companion piece to the excellent ESPN drama series "Playmakers". Good script, fine acting, good football scenes.

Hindnbrg E (nl) wrote: Probably my favorite Makavejev film after "Sweet Movie." I'd talk about the movie here, but instead I will just take this opportunity to bitch about Flixter's lame ass. This movie was made in 1967, not '58. Secondly, the movie is only about 70-75 minutes long, not 90. Get your shit together you Philestine Phucks! Yeah, and another thing, where the hell is the DVD of this? Goddammit Criterion/Blue Underground... Get off your ass already!

Harri K (ag) wrote: Regretfully unfinnished.

Andrew L (br) wrote: A wonderfully odd western highlighted by an amazing cast and a good soundtrack by Neil Young.