Late '50s to early '60s, when the space war between the Soviet and US was fiercely going on, a fifteen-year-old member of the communist party, Luciana, develops her ideals while living with her bourgeois stepfather, and among male chauvinists in a communist group in Rome. Her only friend is her brother Arturo, who dreams of going to space but is unable to do so due to his epilepsy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Italian,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rocket,   space,   italy,  

Late '50s to early '60s, when the space war between the Soviet and US was fiercely going on, a fifteen-year-old member of the communist party, Luciana, develops her ideals while living with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo C (jp) wrote: Belssimo filme com uma forma inusitada que permeia o documental. Irandhir, sempre em off, mostrando que um excelente ator.

Jason C (ca) wrote: You broke my heart Al.

Eliabeth H (gb) wrote: this is a good movie

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: This is a melancholic and bitter-sweet drama from Uruguay. Jacobo and Herman are estranged brothers, both of whom are in the hosiery business. Whilst Jacobo has remained in Uruguay to run the family factory, turning out the kind of socks that an elderly uncle would probably consider dowdy, Herman has moved to Brazil and produces more upbeat, jazzy designs. Marta, works for Jacobo and lives a life of seemingly endless drudgery and routine. Following the death of their mother, the brothers are reunited in order to oversee the funerary rites. The only problem is that Jacobo is meant to have a wife and she has gone astray. In order to save face, Jacobo enlists the help of Marta to pose as his wife during his brothers stay. The trio head off to enjoy the delights of a run down hotel in the coastal town of Piripolis and little by little, Marta begins to come out of her shell. This film is quite a find and I loved the oh-so-slow way in which the story unfolds. The dialogue is sparse and the settings down at heel. Many questions are posed and left unresolved but the observation of the three main characters is simply brilliant. Mirella Pascual is superb as Marta and you can really see that beneath her downtrodden exterior, is an impish sense of fun just wanting to burst out. For me, she is the star of the show and her acting is closely observed ad totally enchanting. I watched this movie on a whim having no idea of what it was about and not having heard of the directors or actors. I'm so glad to have seen it as it is something a bit different and really hit a chord. On the strength of Whisky, I'd certainly like to see more.

Leander H (au) wrote: The Review of Whale Rider by Leander Herring Jr.This movie for me was an enchanting and ultimately enthralling New Zealand movie about the struggle of one ardent and determined young Maori girl to fulfill her destiny. The movie starts from Koro (Rawiri Paratene) is the chief of the Ngati Kanoahi tribe of Whangara. They reside in a coastal fishing village in New Zealand. Times are extremely hard for these people who can barely scratch out a living. Koro is extremely disappointed that Porourangi (Cliff Curtis) has no interest in becoming the next chief. However, when his son's wife becomes pregnant, Koro begins to hope the male he seeks to lead the people will be born. Unfortunately, the boy and his mother die in childbirth. However, a twin sister survives, and Porourangi names her Paikea after the tribe's venerated ancestor who is said to have arrived in their village on the back of a whale after his canoe capsized. Koro is furious that his son has given the infant this sacred name traditionally reserved for a male child; he shortens the name to "Pai." The grieving Porourangi, an artist, decides to go to Europe and so he leaves his daughter with his parents.Pai (Keisha Castle-Hughes) grows up knowing of her grandfather's disappointment that she is not a boy. Despite that barrier between them, they do bond and by the time she is 12 years old, he is picking her up every day from school on his bicycle. Nanny Flowers (Vicky Haughton) has a special place in her heart for Pai and gives her the moral support she needs. When Porourangi returns home on a visit from Germany where he works as a sculptor, it is clearer than ever that he has no intention of accepting his destiny and becoming Koro's successor. Porouangi offers to take Pai back with him but she chooses to stay in New Zealand.Koro rounds up all the 12-year-old boys in the Whangara community and begins passing on the ancient chants, tribal lore, and warrior techniques to them. He is convinced that the future chief will emerge from the group and establish himself as the chosen one. Koro is enraged when he finds out that the determined Pai has been listening in on his lessons and taking private instruction on stick battle from Koro's other son. She is forbidden to continue in this training. Koro is heartbroken when he throws his whale bone into the ocean and not one of the boys manages to retrieve it. But Pai has several surprises for her tradition-bound grandfather that will open his eyes and the rest of the tribe to her true destiny.This enchanting and beautifully acted New Zealand film is written and directed by Niki Caro based on a 1986 novel by Witi Ihimaera. The deeply spiritual message of the drama is that Pai must pursue her destiny as a leader in face of the powerful patriarchal tradition espoused by Koro, who is inflexible in his attitudes toward women. The arduous struggle of this determined girl to find her true place among her people is one that will resonate with women around the world. The extraordinary performance by Keisha Castle-Hughes richly conveys the conflicting emotions Pai feels in her turbulent relationship with her grandfather. Zeal is a commendable attribute in pursuit of a calling from the spirit world, and Pai uses solitude, silence, and prayer as practices to keep her in touch with her ancestors and the whales that play a major role in the dramatically rich final segments of the film. It relates to the Indigenous Religions, because in the journey, one sees perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles just like in the Indigenous people. Similar to many other religious figures that were misunderstood or mistreated; she overcomes obstacles eventually whether they are mentally, physically or socially. Pai overcame the inability to be chief through her own inner knowledge of her destiny. She knew she could be the chief and knew it would be Koro who had to understand their journey and its meaning. Her perseverance impacted her community by reminding them that the traditional values are the key to life. By Pai being in tune with herself, her surroundings, spirituality and ancestors, it allowed her to complete her spiritual journey.

fridae r (us) wrote: feeling hot hot hot!!!

Trevor L (ru) wrote: A funny, original Christmas Movie for the Second coming of the holiday specials. There are great performances from Berrymore and Dan Castellaneta, each bringing that extra spark and energy to their characters to keep the audiences' attention. Do not miss this great Special each December.

Shaun B (kr) wrote: I love the rash of 80's flick that had sons trade places with their dads...or in this case grandfathers.

Suette B (us) wrote: I heard so many good things about this movie and really want to see it.

Paul D (ru) wrote: I found this to be just awful. It had potential, but it never really grabbed hold of my attention. I would certainly recommend that you skip this one.

Lyric B (us) wrote: I love Neil Simon comedies.

Oreste M (ru) wrote: This is camp heaven......Poor Trog has NO chance with the likes of Crawford....The poor Trog is afraid for his life!

Brad S (es) wrote: An excellent Samurai classic starring Tatsuya Nakadai and Toshiro Mifune follows the exploits and a psychotic Samurai(Nakadai). It's stylish and very violent, worth a watch for Samurai films for sure. It was originally intended to have sequels that never happened so it ends abruptly, yet is still a satisfying film. Check it out.

The Critic (kr) wrote: A likable and warm-hearted comedy with engaging performances from Robert Downey Jr and Cybill Shepherd that should have broad appeal.

Robert H (de) wrote: At first I felt like this film was very foreign to me as the things that were going on just didn't make any sense. Add that it wasn't very scary due to the main character knowing and kinda being ok with ghosts being around.Then the story takes a twist and things get a little scarier. Then another twist... and another twist and soon this film is so mixed up that I'm not even sure the filmmakers knew what was going on. In the end, it becomes a pretty straight forward ghost story but by this point, it's too late.