Count the Hours

Count the Hours

A lawyer defends a migrant worker in a sensational murder trial.

Lawyer defends migrant worker falsely accused of 2 murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ako G (es) wrote: Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them is a fantasy movie that takes place in the famous Harry Potter universe. It's storyline takes place in 1926 and is independent, it only links in small details with the Harry Potter movies. We follow Newt, who is a specialist in magical creatures and animals. He comes to New York to release one of his captured creatures back in the wild. Once there he loses a couple of his creatures and tries to recollect them before they cause too much harm. During all this he also gets pulled into much bigger trouble with a wizard criminal and a mysterious young boy. The cast and acting is great, but the special effects are what this movie is all about. From the magical creatures to the bottomless suitcase, everything is beautiful and awe inspiring. The story is where it goes wrong in my opinion. It feels like this movie is split into two storylines. First, we see these storylines as separate things, but it is obvious they are going to intertwine eventually. When this happens it is really disappointing, it still feels like two stories to which a mandatory ending has been added because they really had to. They should've just concentrated on one or the other. It feels like J.K. Rowling is finding it harder then expected to continue this universe.

Lee B (gb) wrote: R-PointThis movie stumbles often. It is very similar to the WW1 movie I think is called Deathwatch with Billy Elliot and Golem - this one might even have come out first. However, it has the same problems and maybe even makes it more mistakes with using the premise of ghosts making you turn on the people around you. That isn?t even really a spoiler because that is how the movie is hyped. This makes you always doubt the situations on screen because you never believe that someone is real. And it doesn?t play well to the idea that someone would be real. Plus, putting you on guard like that makes it less scary.This one doesn?t have great visuals aside from the setting. The story isn?t really deep. There isn?t really any gore or things like that for the hounds. But, to go out on a high note, this movie has amazing sound. It is very rich with it?s jungle surrounding sounds and little bits of noise to try to set you on edge. Props to the mixer and foley people.

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Andr D (ag) wrote: "Zorba el Griego", dirigida por Michael Cacoyannis es un pico de ms de 2 horas de duracin, acerca de un tmido escritor britnico (Alan Bates) quien camino a Grecia entabla amistad con el sensualista Alexis Zorba (Anthony Quinn) un hombre destinado a ensearle al escritor el verdadero sentido de la vida. "Zorba el Griego" es una pelcula abrumadora y ms que trgica, pero tambin posee una gran direccin, una msica inolvidable, una fotografa hermosa y unas grandes actuaciones a cargo de Quinn, Bates y sus contrapartes femeninas Irene Papas (la viuda) y Lila Kedrova (la prostituta francesa).

Timothy J (jp) wrote: Very very dated and full of 1950's sentimentalities, but and interesting and honest for its time on inner city schools.

Tyler M (mx) wrote: Now I'll acknowledge that I'm not the target demographic for this movie but I still love movies like this. Easy A and Mean Girls are some of my favourite movies that I'll go back to time and time again. Now if you have any thoughts that this will be an action movie because of the premise, toss those aside. This movie tries so hard to hit every note that movies like The Breakfast Club and Mean Girls hits only to fall on it's face every time. A few times it even tries to act above those movies, here's an example.In one scene they have Megan walk through the cafeteria looking for a place to sit, some cheerleaders call her up to sit with them where Megan turns them down because she's seen Mean Girls and calls them out for trying to bully her. She walks off and the cheerleader turns around all sad saying "I was trying to be nice."The movie tries to show that they're not going to use tired tropes like that which made me happy for all of five minutes until instantly afterwards some different girls act just like the cliche bully characters in every high school comedy.It's just stuff that's been seen over and over again all through the film and although there are a few cute moments throughout (Liz and that jock guy for example) it all comes back to clumsily emulating better films with the occasional action moment in it, all of which are awkward to watch and wholly uninteresting.If you're looking for a fun teen movie to watch with your ten year old daughters, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Phillip D (fr) wrote: Fracture is a well crafted, well acted thriller.

Matthew P (mx) wrote: "How Do You Know", simply put, is about nothing. How they got it to go just over two hours is perplexing.