Gilbert Ivy and his wife Jewell are farmers. They seem to be working against the odds, producing no financial surplus. Gilbert has lost hope of ever becoming prosperous, but his wife decides to fight for her family.

Gilbert Ivy and his wife Jewell are farmers. They seem to be working against the odds, producing no financial surplus. Gilbert has lost hope of ever becoming prosperous, but his wife ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (gb) wrote: cool and very nice movie

Tracy F (ca) wrote: I LOVE this movie. It's so great. Tribute to strong women everywhere.

Ilja S (ru) wrote: An outstanding cast and great direction make American Hustle a very appealing and beautiful piece of film.

Justin Z (us) wrote: this IS porn. not a cheer leading movie

jjsp w (jp) wrote: A delightful feel-good story about office workers who create an underground company that topples their oppressive boss. The story is charming, lighthearted, gently comedic, yet inspirational--a great film for office workers the world over!This isn't your typical overacted, song-and-dance Bollywood film--there isn't evne a single bhangra or dance scene in the entire film! Acting is professional and spot-on; characters, costumes, and sets are very believable. If this were an American film, it would be so much more popular--it's like a feel-good 'Office Space'.Most movie rental stores will not have this in stock--even the independent ones. Best bet is to look for it at an Indian movie rental or grocery store.

Jessie V (br) wrote: who the hell okayed pulse 2? i want names.

Sarah F (de) wrote: i would like to see this

Ieda S (jp) wrote: tlmpau suke smpai tgk byk kali pn x boring..

Matt M (br) wrote: Santa clause falls off his sleigh and can't remember who he is. Though the casting of Leslie Nielsen is bound to interest and attract an audience, this film is plagued by its second grade script and its one trick pony gimmick.

O S (mx) wrote: This is a very basic sci-fi ghost like mystery, there is nothing worth manshenning about this movie. ok to watch.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: From Ealing Studios, with a high concept script by T.E.B. Clarke and directed by Henry Cornelius (who later directed Genevieve (1953)), this is a very good comedy with a good central idea that could happen anywhere in the world, luckily, Ealing kept it close to home and kept it very English. In Pimlico, a district of London, some kids playing with a large tyre cause it to roll down a hole, which sets off an unexploded bomb from World War 2. In the hole is access to a buried cellar which contains gold, jewelry and an old ancient royal parchment. The parchment is studied by Professor Hatton-Jones (Margaret Rutherford), who discovers it to be a royal charter going back to the time of Edward IV, which decrees that Pimlico is legally part of Burgundy in France. The residents of Pimlico, including shopkeeper Arthur Pemberton (Stanley Holloway) and his wife Connie (Betty Warren) and policeman P.C. Spiller (Philip Stainton) use this to their advantage, as the British government have no legal powers in Pimlico. So they drink after hours and tear up their ration books. Now the government have to find a solution to the Pimlico problem. It's a very funny idea, and it works well on screen with a good little ensemble, (look out for a young Charles Hawtrey as well), but this is what you'd expect from Ealing at that time, a group of people in an unusual situation, and using it to their advantage

DC F (de) wrote: Laughable comedy about a dysfunctional police training facility that spawned several sequels of the same style.

Dyron W (es) wrote: Fun, giddy and hilarious.

Bill T (es) wrote: Fun movie that I've never seen before. Chan and Tucker do click together, and the plot is easy escapism entertainment. Love seeing Jackie Chan fighting Tom Wilkinson too. There's a dream fight right there.