Coup D'Etat

Coup D'Etat

A freestyle biopic of Ikki Kita, the ultranationalist intellectual whose ideas inspired the failed military coup in 1936.

Ikka Kita is a revolutionary, who suffers when he is brought his younger brother's clothes, still smeared with his blood. Ikka's brother followed the revoltionary's precept and acted, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Coup D'Etat torrent reviews

Gonalo L (ca) wrote: igual me dio pena el final

Sheree S (de) wrote: Ok if Mr katt Williams was not in here this would have been horrible!Tracy Morgan did his silly and soft side and it was cool!

Evan D (kr) wrote: Excellent film. James Franco is a favorite actor of mine. He has shown he can do drama and comedy, both excellently. In this film he showed how much more talent that he has with co-writing AND directing. It was a great move about the hard life you live when doing drugs and the consequences of doing them. The difficulty in getting straight when you want to. GREAT movie! Congrats Mr. Franco on your directing debut.

Onno v (es) wrote: de vele hiphop verwijzingen maakten de film leuk

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