Coup de grâce

Coup de grâce

A countess' unrequited love for an army officer leads to disaster.

A countess' unrequited love for an army officer leads to disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (ca) wrote: A classic Molire play is rehearsed in a small island of France. Alceste, the blas character of the play, is the part Serge wants. Rightly so, since he identifies with it personnally. In a typical french way, we are following the characters revealing their characters. They seem all a bit narcissistic, like a bit isolated from each other even though they interact rather intimately at times. Therefore proving Molire right. Intellectually satisfying, morally frustrating. Love does not blossom.

Elgan D (au) wrote: A strong cast for a particularly downbeat but well judged picture. Director Kaye is far from prolific but this is another example of his astute measure of the human condition

nathan20 t (ru) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVERRRRRRR gives you happiness important message and funny asffffffff

Tim M (br) wrote: "Micmacs, if light and silly, is still a wonderful thing to behold, as clever and beautifully constructed as the wonderful automata that populate the tinker's workroom in the film."

Deepika A (gb) wrote: the movie was awesome!

Paul Z (es) wrote: Martin Koolhoven and his convincing cast sets up this brumal, melancholy film's tense second half with warmly understood streaks of genuine naivete to create an involving, touching and subtly symbolic coming-of-age tale set in a world where any spare word or glance could cause disaster, a time and place when childhood was a luxury few families, or nations, could afford.

Jack E (mx) wrote: A farce in the tradition of classic Ealing comedies, a balanced ensemble deliver a fun 90 minute film. Alan Tudyk stands out for a great comedic perfomance and a more than passable British accent.

Robert B (ca) wrote: MK 3/5: Kid, family taken by Nazi??s, brought up by Greeks. Later falls out with wife because she??s too happy. Bit like the Reader. Nothing special.

Slimmy J (gb) wrote: I grew up watching Troma films in the late 80's early 90's. They made me want to make films. And they made me think that it was possible to make an independent film. This movie gives a good look into what it is like to make an independent film, while being attacked by a serial killer! Everything you want and would expect from a Troma film. One of my favorites!

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Moronically foolish.

John A (br) wrote: This Is A Good Sci-Fi Action About An Ex-Soldier Who Is Sentenced To Life On A Remote Prison Island, He Is Punished To Live In Absolom, The Island Which Surrounds The Prison, Where He Joins A Group Of Fellow Cons. Which Are In A War With A Tribe Known As The Outsiders, Who Hunts Down The Sentenced Prisoners. Came Out At The Same Time As The Better Known Fortress Starring Christopher Lambert Which Has A Similar Theme

Brian P (us) wrote: Not a very good movie. I wouldnt ever watch this movie again.

N8N (mx) wrote: 80s-tastic! aka pretty bad, but i never pass an opportunity to see Justine Bateman.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: Hilarious theme song! Lots of montages with more hilarious music. OMG the basketball coach is a girl!

Matt M (es) wrote: Perhaps Warhol's most renowned work as a filmmaker, though perhaps it should be more regarded as a work by Paul Morrissey, this film is a drama that is more about style than content, and fully expressive of the Pop Art wave of its times. The film revolves around the occupants of a hotel in Chelsea. The screen is split in two, with intermittent sound, the cinematography is often out of focus, and made up of pointless zooming, whereas the subjects are talking about nothing at all in particular. Yet, there is something attractive in everything; the same appeal of Warhol's other art work, defining (or merely observing) style, fashion and eccentricity.

Miguel R (kr) wrote: While it's enjoyable and funny at times, 101 Dalmations is not the smartest of Disney films

Josh H (us) wrote: I can always appreciate a good movie about a dysfunctional family but this one (while it had a few amusing moments) was a big downer. Some really great performances are the heart of it though.

Yves E (us) wrote: Great action packed film that pulls you in from the start.

Kristy P (nl) wrote: Okay movie, but definitely not one of his best.

Ben H (kr) wrote: Hard to truly call this movie a werewolf, especially comparing it to such greats as American Werewolf in London and Silver Bullet etc. However there is some charm to this more modern twist on the original folklore, leaving you guessing to the conclusion. In the end, there is suspense there is a mass of feral killings and a nice side romance story for measure.