Jason Priestley (TV's "Beverly Hills, 90210") and Andrea Roth star in this inspirational adventure story about courage, love and the power of family. Aspiring author Robert (Priestly) organizes a quick getaway with his wife and daughter designed to rebuild their estranged relationship with his daughter, but when a powerful storm hits they are forced to make a crash landing on the ominously named Bear Island. With Robert seriously injured and no way to reach the mainland, the three castaways find that they must rely on their faith -- and each other -- to survive the ordeal.

An adventure story about Robert, Teresa and Christy Childs, an aspiring author and his family who crashes their boat during a storm and become stranded on a small rocky island in the middle... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Courage torrent reviews

disney f (it) wrote: I am actually speechless on how god awful this is. YOU FUCKING SUCK HASBRO!!!!

Brian P (jp) wrote: love this movie great watch

shai l (ca) wrote: It was a boring boring ride to hell. Until arriving at hell itself, then five minutes of 'wow that's scary' and then another boring boring ride back to the end...

Alexi A (br) wrote: ''1408'' delivers less chills than expected, but it is highly amplified by an incredibly absorbing performance by John Cusack.

Michael J (kr) wrote: What takes away from the film for me is the inaccuracies.

Nicola W (it) wrote: Cute cartoon more for the younger I think but it was fun. Full of famous voices. Worth watching

Thomas B (au) wrote: ***It's not as good as the previous Jack Ryan movie, Patriot Games, but Clear and Present Danger still benefits from the fantastic performance given by Harrison Ford, and also the performance of Willem Dafoe in a supporting role.

Greg W (ag) wrote: lst star twilight cast make this alluring and stuffy

Alejandro O (ru) wrote: El mejor retrato de la gran y desconocida fotografa se revela en este documental meticuloso al desenpolvar cada caracterstica humana de Maier.

Julie C (au) wrote: This is a kind of cheesy movie...but it's ok.