Cowboy and the Senorita

Cowboy and the Senorita

Chip has inherited a supposedly worthless gold mine from her father and Craig Allen is about to buy it. Roy suspects the mine may be valuable and using a clue left by Chip's father, investigates. He finds the hidden shaft that contains the gold and with the posse chasing him on a trumped up robbery charge, races to town with ore samples hoping to get there before the ownership is transferred.

Bad guy Craig Allen, gambler and town boss, tries to take a gold mine inherited by innocent Chip Williams on her seventeenth birthday. Roy and his pal 'Teddy' Bear ride to help the girl and her cousin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cowboy and the Senorita torrent reviews

Surbhi K (jp) wrote: Sooper funny movie. If all religions are kept aside this was a truly fun film. No doubt the movie runs deep and has a much serious message under lying it but over all it is a great film for laughs/ Omid Djalili is awesome!

Willie C (ca) wrote: Probably the best cheesy post apocalyptic flick ever!

Caleb C (es) wrote: A contemporary classic indeed. This the first of the Sideny Poitier classics I've seen so far, and I was glad this was the first. Sidney Poitier along with Martin Landau in the supporting role is really what makes this film so memorable.

Davey M (gb) wrote: A magnificently constructed melodrama with the depth and scope of a novel. Beautiful stuff.

David B (au) wrote: I found this film to be lacking somewhat. Yes, the action scenes are awe inspiring. But the human drama in the middle is so flat that brings the overall picture down. Still, gotta give it up to Clara Bow for showing as much skin as she does in the Paris section. Pretty ballsy for 1927.

Wayne K (gb) wrote: When a film is criticised by one of its actors, who called it 'propagandist' and expressed disbelief that it won the Best Picture Oscar, you can't help but be tempted to see it for yourself. Chariots of Fire was very much the Forrest Gump of its year, in that it certainly wasn't the best film, but its unabashed sentimentality won over those who voted with their hearts rather than their heads. The opening and closing shots of athletes running on the beach to a legendary musical score are great, and the fact that the leads use sprinting as a means of expressing themselves and fighting for what they believe in is very relatable, but the whole thing is too slow, too ponderous and too insubstantial to receive such acclaim, or warrant repeat viewing. Vast stretches of it play like a lacklustre TV soap episode, and drawing it out over the span of 2 hours make it a chore to get through. We're supposed to be on the side of the main character, but when he is on the verge of giving up when he gets beaten once, it undermines how much of a fighter he's supposed to be. Watch it once if you must, it's all you'll need.

Andrew M (br) wrote: The Muppets is entertaining and will take you back to your childhood if you grew up with the Muppets. The movie is based of the Muppet Show, but you do not need to see any of the episodes to see the movie. The Muppets is hilarious and has an amazing plot. I would very much suggest this movie.

Lee M (de) wrote: The film is like a cousin to the Western genre, with Coogan keeping his trap shut and his emotions to himself, but Siegel, with his expert craftsmanship, brisk pacing and exciting action, gives us plenty of other stuff to concentrate on.