Cowboy Killer

Cowboy Killer

You're in for a damn treat..

Polite and soft-spoken roving serial killer Roy Thompson fancies himself as an old school cowboy. Roy stops off at a sleepy small town in the Midwest and starts bumping off the locals. When... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cowboy Killer torrent reviews

mark h (br) wrote: One of the best trips yet

Kevin C (kr) wrote: Missed this on first release 4-years ago. Found footage, and Superheroes have been done to death for me; so this is an interesting refresh. An interesting and enjoyable take on superhero powers coming to suburbia. Ignore the cheap CGI and go with the ride.

Elena L (br) wrote: Sappy and predictable. But sometimes that's what you're looking for....

Spencer S (br) wrote: The actual haunting of the house, where John Russell (Scott) resides, is handled with craftsmanship and delicacy by director Peter Medak. The tell-tale gothic mansion, the deep bass thuds in the house's walls like a giant's knocks, and the quiet whispering of a child's voice, make this a very ably made haunted house story. While the story behind the haunting, and the search for the truth behind it, make for a really interesting mystery, it's such a strange assemblage of scenes. In the first part of the film we see Russell widowed and he begins teaching composition at a university. When he begins to be haunted, he realizes it almost immediately, goes searching for the truth, and finds it. Russell is never frightened by the ghost, only inquisitive about its origins. He doesn't mind picking up human bones, threatening people, and talking to the ghost in question. Even big old George C. Scott must get scared sometimes, but in this film he's fully self-possessed and seems unable to approach fear. The connection between him and his dead daughter is severed once we indulge in finding out the truth about the ghost, which makes me wonder why he's widowed at all. While the film itself was intricate and complex in the best of ways, there really wasn't anything frightening about it, which is a shame when watching a film about a ghost story.

Craig C (fr) wrote: This movie was made for people who love Eddie Murphy. If you don't love Eddie, this probably won't be a great pick for you.

ThomasDexter P (es) wrote: Of course, there are a few things which could be improved, but all in all the film is lovely, simply-plotted - perfect for children.

Lu A (fr) wrote: Excelente pelcula, dejando la guerra de lado y dando a conocer la Alegria de vivir en la nobleza. Junto con Las Scorpioni.

Zeeshan Q (ag) wrote: Really great movie. Only complaint is that they made it seem like Will, out of all of his friends, was the only one who had potential.

Michael S (de) wrote: My family and I consider this a classic comedy . Filled with laughs and lots of great characters fun for the entire family. Michael Keaton absolutely kills it in the titular roll!

Addie A (gb) wrote: Ridiculously funny! Weird I didn't remember anything about this movie from watching it years ago except that it had Kurt Russell in it and was set in Little China and was ridiculous and funny because of that. Yep, it's funny that the main character is so useless...heh.

Pavan R (it) wrote: What such a hilarious romance.....simply made but gets you laughing so often..Natalie Wood is the star here...she is great...have to say it was more funny than romantic...a must watch...relaxing and chilled out ! Also love the movie title itself..

Jacob C (es) wrote: 65/100 - This was a complete surprise. What looked like a really generic rom-com was exactly that...except it was so self-aware. They Came Together ends up poking a ton of fun at romantic comedies in general. There's quite a few references to classic romantic comedies that make it so obvious. It generally works, even if some of them come from left field and/or can get tiring. Poehler and Rudd have great chemistry, though, so it's something worth watching.

Micheline S (mx) wrote: Not bad but nothing exciting either...worth a look if u have nothing else to rent.