Cowboys Don't Cry

Cowboys Don't Cry

A father and son struggle to make ends meet on the rodeo circuit.

As long as Shane Morgan can remember, he has lived on the road with his mother and father, a rodeo performer. Their dreams of making enough money to settle down happily in one place are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (de) wrote: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (2011) Another Happy Day DRAMA/ COMEDY Written and directed by Sam Levinson which is anything but happy. Co-produced and starring Ellen Barkin as Lynn, driving with her two kids to her parent's house for an upcoming wedding of her oldest son. And by the time they're there, the family squabbles are off with accusations from suicide, to drugs to incest and neglect to whatever you can think about. Barkin is not bad on this role, but she cries on one too many scenes. Also starring are Ellen Burstyn as the grandmother, George Kennedy as the grandfather, Demi Moore as the wife of the Thomas Hayden Church character as the ex, and Kate Bosworth as the estranged daughter who tried to commit suicide. Not much resolution here as viewers had seen something like this already done before. 2 out of 4 stars

Jade B (br) wrote: I had seen this over a year ago, and couldn't quite remember if I liked it or not so I gave it another viewing. I like it..a lot...even Kareena Kapoor's acting is pretty decent except for the crucial ending...

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Steve L (br) wrote: Two gross inaccuracies in this movie: When they were in Hamburg in the early days, "A Hard Day's Night" didn't exist yet. That song was the result of a Ringo malaprop but Ringo wasn't even in the band yet! Also, Pete Best didn't leave the Beatles, the Beatles left him.

Colton C (mx) wrote: Just wait for the end.

Nina S (gb) wrote: The essential Sturges style: get a gang of funny-looking mugs, make them perform slapstick, add a few kids and dogs, stand back. It's simple, really, yet how many great comedic directors are there?

Richard H (jp) wrote: Good performance by Emma Lung but the movie is more effective when it is 'creepy' rather than the explicit 'horror' in the final sequences that hurt tone and stretch believability. I'm also not sure I was satisfied with the conclusion in what is a brisk 77 minutes.

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April M (kr) wrote: They just don't make them like they used to

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