Garvey is a San Francisco pawnshop operator. His unemployed and criminal friends Dillard, Turtle, and Weslake, team up with Boardwalk, a local pimp, to burgle Garvey's shop while the owner is out of town. During the elaborate planning process, Dillard falls for a Hispanic woman, the sister of a friend. Also, Boardwalk is assigned to case a local apartment, where he meets and falls for the maid. Amidst all these romantic hijinks, Weslake puts together a burglary plan, which is executed by the makeshift gang.

Garvey is a San Francisco pawnshop operator. His unemployed and criminal friends Dillard, Turtle, and Weslake, team up with Boardwalk, a local pimp, to burgle Garvey's shop while the owner ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crackers torrent reviews

Nathaniel M (es) wrote: I enjoyed it more than I do most Will Ferrell material.

Norman J (ag) wrote: A must see for all fathers!!!!

chris c (nl) wrote: This movie is a gem...will become a classic...for all of us who want to see a movie that somehow can make us laugh, love and cry, EXPECTING MARY is it....what a gift from screenwriter and director Dan Gordon...such a smart, well paced, incredible director film....and the stars....just another gift....Oleysa Rulin is a breakout star in this film but the true treasure of a performance comes from the fabulous Linda Gray....she should start picking out her dress for award season....what a performance....I will be going back again to get more of MARY....a must see....a MUST SEE!

Walter C (br) wrote: Thanks to Lanning for pointing this movie out to me. I'm going to say, as a movie by itself, I'd probably give this one four stars but the fact that they did this movie without a script and it was all improvised by non actors, it gets a five.

Melissa M (ru) wrote: Quirky, yes! But seriously lacking in plot development, good to put on if you feel like taking a nap.

Eric R (gb) wrote: This film has some absolutely gorgeous digital photography but I just wish the film was stronger from a narrative standpoint. Its an interesting film about celebratory and one child's obsession with his idol. The characters emotions and decisions are just so robotic at times, that I wasnt able to be as emotionally invested as I wanted to be. Worth a watch.

Dan H (ca) wrote: This campy, bloody, and demented teen soap opera is one of the more fun times you can have watching a film. The action is top notch, there is gore and blood aplenty, and the soap opera parts are meant to make you laugh (though I felt that there was a little too much soap opera here). Make sure you have some popcorn ready.

Steven G (it) wrote: The movie was not totally bad. Although there weren't a lot of baseball scenes

Walter M (ru) wrote: "Elective Affinities" starts with Carlotta(Isabelle Huppert) and Edoardo(Jean-Hugues Anglade) being reunited after twenty years apart and deciding, why not, let's get married. A year later, they are still in the state of their marriage where they rarely leave the bed. But Edoardo has to get up to invite his friend Ottone(Fabrizio Bentivoglio) to their villa. While the two men get to hang out a lot, Carlotta feels increasingly left out. So she invites her adopted daughter Ottilia(Marie Gillain) to restore the balance but that only makes things worse. "Elective Affinities" begins well enough with the opening credits segueing nicely into the opening scene. However, the movie gets increasingly heavy handed as it goes along while also telegraphing its punches. So, maybe there are no shortcuts in life but does that mean that such intelligent, forward thinking people can act so incredibly stupid? In the end, it just goes to show you that you can never plan for every eventuality.

Nicholas E (jp) wrote: unreal bio-flick, powerful

Nicolas P (kr) wrote: La universal supo muy bien como continuar la historia... en que entre la primera y sus secuelas es real que cerraron el camino y costar que alguien cree algo tan bueno con dinosaurios, y es, que en sencillas cuentas estos dinosaurios son los reyes de los dibujos animados en cine y televisin. Cinco estrellas!

Paul D (au) wrote: Some of Dr Freak's live-in family are a little outlandish looking, but it's a worthy sequel to the cult classic that raises a few laughs along the way.

Vitor A (ca) wrote: Ok, so J.R. Bookwalter didn't have millions of dollars to make a Zombie movie. He didn't have the directing skills of Peter Jackson (circa his Bad Taste / Braindead era), but you gotta give it to the guy: With a little less than 125.000 dollars, he managed to create a cult-classic splatter film. It seems that all the budget (?!) went on to create amazing gore scenes, that will sure make the delights of any fan of the genre. It sure made mine!

Bill M (jp) wrote: A really fucking odd 80's movie, so odd in fact that it's a bit hard to review. For starters though, it's not good. If you are an 80's enthusiast like myself there's stuff that you'll sort of enjoy, like the cartoonishly stylized, garish, neon drenched pop look of the movie that couldn't be more redolent of the glorious, sometime's tasteless decade it came from. But aside from that and maybee a bit of cult/stoner/weird late night movie value, this is a truly mystifying film from future Independence Day/Stargate blockbuster director Roland Emmerich, aside from the bizarre fact that the ghost dude actually looked like a little E.T esc shrunken puppet before he even died, and then goes on to inhabit a bad animatronic puppet of himself that still looks exactly like he dose, there are a myriad of other strange choices and general rubbishness, for another thing it's an unpleasantly misogynistic film to, lead actor Jason Lively, who was so likable in Night Of The Creeps, is a massive creep himself here, a truly repugnant, even rapey character who constantly and uncomfortably keeps sleazing and slimeing over his lovely Creep's co star Jill Whitlow in increasingly repellent fashion, and bad guy Paul Gleason (The Breakfast Clubs headteacher) is even worse, a particularly queasy scene between him and poor Jill Whitlow suggests some very nasty things indeed, and it's supposed to be a family film!!! i mean what the fuck? im just not sure who the hell the audience was meant to be here (like i said maybe stoners but certainly no one else) even the little puppet dude is unlikable! what the fuck is this awful, strange little film?! im baffled.

Sue B (nl) wrote: Fun to watch, but with a really, really bad message. But the clothes! Totally worth seeing this just for the wardrobes alone....

Calvin C (jp) wrote: When do Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra NOT play sailors? A little long for the story it is trying to tell, but some highlight numbers like the famous Jerry the Mouse number is worth waiting for.Grade: B+

Yash B (nl) wrote: "Chicken Run" is an unusually smart animated movie that has tons of humor and delightful thrills. It's very unique when it comes to both style and substance which is why it is such a treat for young and old audiences alike.

Thomas B (it) wrote: A barely passable western. (A little on the boring side)

Sean M (mx) wrote: Valentines - 3/5St Patrick's - 2/5Easter - 3.5/5Mother's- 2.5/5Fathers - 4/5Halloween - 5/5Christmas - 4/5New Years - 3.5/5