Larceny, adultery, sabotage and treachery. Yes, just your typical Christmas with the Dredge family! Twelve-year-old Joey Dredge is in trouble again. Expelled for jumping off the school roof, he's haunted by his father's death and hates his mother's new boyfriend and his bullying son. Compounding his misery is the knowledge he has to spend Christmas with them at the family beach house. Things look grim until the unexpected arrival of great-grandfather Albert, fresh from a stint in prison. Forced to share the back shed with this swearing, farting and devious octogenarian, Joey's life changes. Between barbecuing the family dog, performing a self-burial and causing his intended step-father to consume a startling amount of hash, Joey learns a few life lessons from Albert, who despite his many vices may give Joey the strength to accept the past and embrace the future.

It's Christmas, and Hilary and her son, Joey are going to visit her parents in the suburbs. Not only are they up for the problems between Joey and Hilary's boyfriend and his son, but they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill J (de) wrote: please let me erase if from my memory.

Joo Marcos F (nl) wrote: A real horror story about how power and greed, when believed to be delivered by God, can change ordinary people into creepy monsters - and of course, about how harmful sex abstinence can be to one's mental health.

Bob C (jp) wrote: this is not entertainment, but it was a good movie. deals with serious aspects of human experience. death, mental disease, sexuality, other social mazes. I would give 4 stars but general public will not get this movie. it is bitter sweet.

Kevin R (es) wrote: She look like a vacuum cleaner?Eli Wurman cleans up messes for the stars. Sometimes it can be done with money, smooth talk, or muscle, but other times it is a bit more taxing. He is addicted to sleeping bills that helps his conscious sleep at night. When one of his brightest stars asks him to clean up a mess with an opium smoking hooker, his night turns out awful when she ends up dead. Eli begins a little investigation to determine what happened to the girl."That don't feel so great."Daniel Algrant, director of Naked in New York, Greetings from Tim Buckley, and episodes from the television series Sex in the City, delivers People I Know. The storyline for this picture is interesting and contains fascinating characters. The plot is fairly well written and the cast delivers solid performances and includes Al Pacino, Kim Basinger, Ryan O'Neal, Tea Leoni, Bill Nunn, and Robert Klien."Where is my fucking toy?"I found this Pacino picture on Netflix and added it to the queue. This isn't a classic or particularly great thriller, but it is worth a view and fun to watch unfold. This is worth watching once if there isn't anything on but I wouldn't go too out of my way to see it."I don't think I can slip away from this rat fuck, honey."Grade: C

Heshani U (au) wrote: Nice but rather slow movie...

Ken D (fr) wrote: The alternative sequel to Ringu, this movie was more dramatic than it was horror. with very little scares and one or two intense scenes, this movie felt kind of bland and it had little satisfaction when it was done. It felt more like an artistic kind of movie that totally went against the grain of the original Ringu. Even at times, the acting was a bit suspect and the last half hour of the movie was pretty bizarre. But this still wasn't too bad of watch with a nice pace to it.

Les E (jp) wrote: A superb story about the decades between the wars and how a family adjusts to all the changes in society. It is a wonderful study of family dynamics but did the women really complain as much as Celia Johnson. Every word out of her mouth was a complaint and for me it really put a downer on the film.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Eastwood makes another questionable character charismatic and likable. Tension is ratcheted up masterfully in many scenes by Seigel. It's too bad the collaboration between the two ended here.

Donald B (gb) wrote: great movie a must watch

Dana F (jp) wrote: It's a rare thing for a movie to sit with me the way that this one has. It's also strange how a movie that is so filled with heartache can be so enjoyable. It's undoubtedly driven by the strength of its lead actors (Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy), as there really isn't much of a plot. It's fundamentally a story about grief and loss, and how you cope with it can entirely change your relationships. It's kind of a mash-up of "Blue Valentine" and "Rabbit Hole", two movies which I absolutely loved, so it stands to reason that I would love this one too. The pain these characters feel is palpable, I was rooting for them 100 percent. The story is told from the two different perspectives of a couple, and the stories are interwoven precisely so that the backstory unfolds as the film progresses, with lots of "ah-hah" moments, culminating in one of the most emotionally powerful scenes I have ever seen. This film is haunting and visceral, but also grounded in reality. Ithought it was superb and I highly recommend it.

Archie G (es) wrote: ......................