Jealousy flares after the headmistress of an elite boarding school for girls becomes obsessed with a new student.

The film follows the lives among school girls at an prestigious boarding school during 1930s. There, Di Radfield is an eminent student who is the center of the elite clique. But when a beautiful Spanish girl named Fiamma arrives at the school, things begin to change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cecily B (kr) wrote: I can see what the Soska sisters were trying to accomplish here, it kind of had a kill bill feel to it at times, it was funny at times, but there was quite a lot of continuation problems, and the story was lacking in a lot of areas and the acting was pretty bad. I donno it wasn't the worst thing i've seen.

Little B (es) wrote: A long feud triggered by lack of affection, told through the subtraction of elements. There is no room for the spectacular scenes nor the violent ones. You feel constantly an inner emptiness and a complete lack of expectations. Visually powerful.

Al P (kr) wrote: Howd I do the the Sissy Q&A?

Lilli B (ag) wrote: Just a bunch of actors with no script improvising their way through woody's direction. No vocal abilities demonstrated. Goldie yawn in flying rigging? Really???

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Is the worst film bean ever done, but was the best for blades, and was excuse for him to play at bramall lane and score (I was there).

Tim S (it) wrote: Here we go again with the great horror maestro Mario Bava. The thing that really stands out in his work is his attention to atmosphere, and Kill, Baby... Kill! certainly has plenty of atmosphere going for it. To be honest though, I'm not entirely sure what time period it's supposed to take place in. I know that it basically takes place in a village that's mostly backwards and superstitious, but it never takes a firm footing in a particular period. It also feels like an echo of something like The Fall of the House of Usher or The Raven, with the character of the outsider coming in to mysterious goings on and escaping with the damsel in the end. Yeah, I guess that's technically a spoiler, but the ending is a full-blown conclusion anyway. The plot is just merely ok, and the film overall is certainly not to be counted amongst Bava's best work. However, it's not to be overlooked completely. There's enough atmospheric and creepy things going on in this movie, and it certainly will hold your attention, so there's that. It's just a shame that it falls under the heading of bland most of the time.

Drew M (jp) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not funny. I didn't get it.

G R (ru) wrote: I expected more from a cast like this.

Artan A (ag) wrote: its an OK movie... its very realistic... but there is nothing that clicks in it... nothing special... there is times, where you have the aha sign... i liked some of the details in it... but mostly i liked the fact that simon got the eye doctor... ha...