Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

The story of Irishman Tommy Byrne, the greatest racing driver you never saw.

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Billy L (br) wrote: Last Weekend is a must see film. It was thoroughly entertaining, as it weaved its way through a witty and clever portrayal of the ups, downs and idiosyncrasies of life and family.

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The Critic (it) wrote: An oddball black comedy that engages with a quirky style and natural performances from Steve Oram and especially Alice Lowe. It's definitely not the sort of serial killer flick that we're used to seeing, but Ben Wheatley and team deliver a unique piece that worthy of some attention.

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The dark one H (au) wrote: B-movie but the storyline is fantastic. And the horror elements are creeping well into your skin.

Paul V (de) wrote: Probably much poetic license and fictional adaptation. That said, interesting enough to make me check out some of the real facts on the 'net. Interesting piece of Irish social history I was not aware of, but one which didn't surprise.

Daniel L (au) wrote: this is a example of how bad sequels are to classics

Greg R (de) wrote: Is it a perfect film, no, and I can totally understand peoples dislike for it.

Andi M (ru) wrote: Another favorite of all time!

Misty S (it) wrote: Corny cheesy and bad acting. Loved that it was shot in black and white. made everything seem so much more beautiful and romantic. Plus I lobe Prince.

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Fredrik S (mx) wrote: This is a terribly theatrical and overly convoluted film that is still a worthwile watch for its extremely starstudded cast. And for the fabulous clothes. I really want one of those tweed suits that Sean Connery wears...

Grayson D (br) wrote: Some decent laughs amongst the dross.

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Sylvester K (mx) wrote: WAY overrated. Michael Clayton is a over the top cliche starring George Clooney as a down in the dump lawyer who specializes in fixing various questionable cases. However, he found himself getting trapped in a catastrophe of conspiracy and lies. He must figure out how to turn his life around while saving himself from getting killed.I got so bored and the acting was unconvincing. How could this film be nominated for so many awards is beyond me. Oh wait, I know, liberal critics and Hollywood.

Scottt F (gb) wrote: Arguably Ford's greatest film -- "The Searchers" and "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" are the others in the conversation -- and unquestionably the best of the Wyatt Earp/Shootout at the OK Corral films.