Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart

When reporter Jean Craddock interviews Bad Blake -- an alcoholic, seen-better-days country music legend -- they connect, and the hard-living crooner sees a possible saving grace in a life with Jean and her young son. But can he leave behind an existence playing in the shadow of Tommy, the upstart kid he once mentored?

With too many years of hazy days and boozy nights,former country-music legend Bad Blake is reduced to playing dives and bowling alleys. But Bad BlakeĀ is forced to reassess his dysfunctional life during a doomed romance that also inspires him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graeme B (us) wrote: A fascinating account of this tragic case. Not seen any other documentary relating to this story, so cannot compare, but this was a well made, balanced look at all sides.

Paul D (de) wrote: Impressive telling of the Joe Meek story - his talent and flaws are excellently portrayed.

Brad M (mx) wrote: An interesting look into the mind of a mad genius and raving lunatic. I think the strangest thing with him is that our current generation relates so much to him, but he was writing stories in the 60's and lived through all the hippie shit and the Nixon era. Amazing how relevant he still is today.

David E (ca) wrote: A script full of fascinating ideas and some terrific shots highlight this deeply interesting film. Disappointingly, though, it is filled with strangely wooden performances, even from the normally impressive Swinton. The film is aimed squarely at an intelligent audience and, as such, those without at least some prior knowledge of the subject matter or theories which form the basis of the narritive may find themselves very confused. It's not for everyone, but those with an interest in multiple timestreams and alternate, concurrent realities will find a lot here to enjoy.

Linda J (it) wrote: it such a wonderful movie and it tops all the things you expect in a movie

Greg R (kr) wrote: It has some moments and very nice shots of New York, but this is such a cash in of the first one. (I think even the people making it admitted this).

Ralph R (es) wrote: This movie is about as enjoyable as a date with Rosie O'Donnel. Gomer pile is one annoying bunghole. Too many sexual inuendos to count. Loni is cute.

Mike B (it) wrote: A bit silly, but better than the numbers indicate. Great fighter scenes.

scott g (br) wrote: A samuri revenge film with a diference, a mother and daughter are killed by a clan of samuri but make a deal with the devil or there abouts, brought back to life being catlike in nature, seducing samuri and killing them, that is the deal, but when a young man aproaches and is employed to track down the killer/s of samuri, he finds out they might be connected to his life. Made in late sixties this rewards you greatly if you buy into it, it comes across well, and its very moody in its aproach. its all kept interesting with some action downplayed greatly. a very interesting look at samuri from the horror perspective

Craig E (gb) wrote: Painfully racist at times, but in a funny way.

Cetin G (ru) wrote: can we change our destiny? or are we victim?a nice and naive freudian attempt. balanced eroticism. well cinematography.

Brian A (fr) wrote: An average romantic comedy movie that would have been much worse if not for Pierce Brosnan and two stunning females, Jessica Alba and Selma Hayek, starring in it. I have seen far worse and far better Brosnan movies, so I would put this down the middle of the road. The story line is somewhat creative and I found it more enjoyable than most movies of the genre. Before getting married this would have been a good light date movie.

Lilian W (mx) wrote: I like the style of narration a lot in this one