Creature with the Atom Brain

Creature with the Atom Brain

Murders, with victims dying from spines broken by brute strength, erupt in the city and the killers, when encountered, walk away unharmed by police bullets which strike them. A police doctor's investigation of the deaths leads to the discovery of an army of dead criminal musclemen restored to life, remotely controlled by a vengeful former crime boss and a former Nazi scientist, from the latter's laboratory hidden in the suburbs.

An ex-Nazi mad scientist uses radio-controlled atomic-powered zombies in his quest to help an exiled American gangster return to power. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anjali K (kr) wrote: Its Romantic movie but Comedy and the same time

Paul A (fr) wrote: "I will never look at ceilings the same way again." This is a subtle, odd and quite story of young girls coming of age and to terms with their sexuality. More than that, it's a story of love and friendship during an awkward stage in life. This is a good story that leaves you wanting more. I can see how some people wouldn't like where this film ends up but I was extremely pleased with the way it ends.If you have the time, "play it now" sometime. Enjoy!

Edgar C (fr) wrote: I'm sorry for all of those independent film fans out there, but not because a film is low-budget, depressing, minimalist stuff with themes such as isolation, existentialism and failed parenthood means it is good. Kerrigan's intentions were clearly confused by the screenplay, not knowing which direction he should have headed and actually failing to cause a valid emotion in the audience. These projects usually stick in your head and reside in the heart. Well, five minutes ago I went to pee and ejected this film. It is now almost forgotten. Worth a watch for all of those that want a great definition of the term "waste of potential", so you better stick with Station Agents (few people will understand that last sentence). 73/100

Nick A (mx) wrote: Here are the ratings I have for movies with my favorite acctress in them

Aj V (de) wrote: Another great vampire movie from the late 80s! I loved it, even though it's not as good as some others. Still, it has a great love story, and a good vampire story, as it's based on Stoker's novels.

Jhon T (jp) wrote: Very entertaining movie, 100% cyberpunk, with good direction by Norrington and lots of acion, science-fiction and horror.

Weul S (de) wrote: A sprawling 3-hr documentary that follows two inner-city chicago boys for 5 years as they struggle thru high schools & starting colleges, all the while inspiring to be like local nba hero Isiah Thomas.

Paris B (mx) wrote: Can't wait til Bree gets out of school! Rented one of my faves to watch with her! Corey Haim circa 1986?

Haytham K (mx) wrote: I first saw this film on television in the early 90's and it was so unforgettable it stayed in my memory for all these years. It?? a wonderful romantic story, with the very lovely Jennifer O'Neil and with a haunting beautiful music.

peter h (de) wrote: Invisible Ghost [1941]: By far one of the better (and much better written) Bela Lugosi Skid-Row films. The plot involves Lugosi's character a doctor being driven to murder by his "dead" wife. What makes this film works is Lugosi brilliant acting and a few good twists in this surprisingly decently scripted film. A must view for cult film fans of older cult-films and a must see for Lugosi fans, more than deserving of a rating of 60%.

Dinesh P (it) wrote: A typical road movie no new stunts no new suspense very very predictable.