Creature with the Blue Hand

Creature with the Blue Hand

Scotland Yard is after a homicidal maniac called The Blue Hand, which is what he uses to kill his victims.

Scotland Yard is after a homicidal maniac called The Blue Hand, which is what he uses to kill his victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will G (fr) wrote: I hate this style of movie. Loathe it. That "Napoleon Dynamite/Wes Andersonish" style that makes the reality of the story your watching feel destitute yet quirky. That being said, I can relate to the film. The story mirrors my sexual renaissance in college. Not to say I've sought out to meet a porn star. It's just... Let's move on.The main character wasn't interesting to me in the least. I found myself cheering for Kim Catrell and Keith David's characters instead. I haven't liked Kim Catrell in anything I've seen her in since "Big Trouble in Little China". However after years of B movies and "Sex in the City" she impressed me in this. This, in my opinion, is her best work.Didn't like the destination so much as the journey of the film. It has no rewatch quality to it. But if you're a guy looking for a male coming of age story with little to no nudity, then I recommend to give it a try.

Thomas W (mx) wrote: A mildly preachy, slightly provocative film that unfolds in Pennsylvania ... one of the most politically diverse states in the union. The central character, Will (a nice dramatic turn from "Cougar Town's" Josh Hopkins), hails from Philadelphia (a blue mecca) and returns home to the rural burg of Lebanon (a red haven) to bury his father. While in town for the burial, Will meets his teenage cousin who reveals to him that she is pregnant. As she has applied for college in the fall, she hasn't decided what she is going to do about the pregnancy. After her boyfriend finds out she is with child, he abandons her and makes her believe it was all her doing. This hot button issue isn't perhaps the best storyline for a film as politics are generally handled, watched and discussed in the privacy of one's own home. I did appreciate how neither side is painted as monsters and the decision isn't ever treated lightly; but ... again, this is supposed to be a movie. While some drama is true-to-life, I like there to be some escapist elements in my film that I watch. I don't want a moral conundrum placed before me as I chow down on popcorn ... can we say out of touch? Not once does this film take a Bible and slap one alongside the face which is what happens to some of the preachy, message-movies I have come across ... and I appreciated that. Perhaps that is why the film takes place in Lebanon ... looking at a map one can see that the filmmakers literally had hundreds of small towns to chose from; but by chosing a town sharing a name with a typically tyrannized nation (for NO reason as a large portion of Lebanese follow the same religion as those casting judgement upon them) the filmmakers might have been making another offhand statement. This wasn't BAD and I have seen worse; but it isn't worthy of my recommendation, either.

Jesus D (ag) wrote: 93% Near Perfect movie

Chris R (mx) wrote: Look, this movie isn't great and in many ways it is downright terrible. The cast is solid and Owen Wilson has a handful of funny moments but it all goes to waste with the terrible script. That being said....I at times enjoy it and even gave the best men at my wedding buttons witht the Best Man logo patch used in the movie.

James T (nl) wrote: Well Christmas is here again so I've started off my christmas movie watching season with this movie starring Rob Lowe. My sister told me this was a really sad movie and boy was she not kidding, this movie pulls at the heart strings like you would not belive at times. I found it a bit much to take at times though, as the subject matter of 'death' does not make for a happy movie. It pulls at the heartstrings a bit too hard for its own good and will leave you dreading the day the same things happens in your family or you'll be remembering back to when it already has. It's one of those movies that makes you want to cherish every moment with your loved ones and hope they do the same for you. the thing is though, this movie is fighting a losing battle because we as a species are a heartless and uncaring bunch of selfish gits.

Laura D (jp) wrote: Amazing performances by the entire cast. Crazy will be crazy!

Lee M (fr) wrote: it's both bold and beautiful to look at, but suffers from obfuscation -- perhaps becuase it's in English rather than German.

Simon D (gb) wrote: The last film in the Stewart era, thankfully, is one of the better ones, thanks in no small part to the acting genius Tom Hardy, a real stroke of luck for the casting department there. I found it telling that there was no farewell scene for this bunch of hapless b-actors. I'm hoping that the new format is going to take a very big step up.

Andrew M (ru) wrote: American Pie is a less appealing film. This is because it lacks comedy taste. This movie did not really catch my eye. This is more of a teenager film like 13-16 years old. I would not suggest this movie.