Creedence Clearwater Revival Live in London

Creedence Clearwater Revival Live in London


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Creedence Clearwater Revival Live in London torrent reviews

Robert I (ru) wrote: So-so & not too good.

Panos Y (fr) wrote: Cute and funny, albeit a bit on the childish side.

Rohan G (br) wrote: Movies this good are normally not made in this country. Every scene slices you, dices you up and then refurbishes you back again to make you whole and wonder about the state of India. At the heart of Parzania is a very human question about human nature itself: are we just good or bad, or are we made to be good or bad? Mr Dholakia also reminds us that perhaps there is no good and evil: its just what we perceive. And in doing so, he brings out possibly the finest performances I have ever seen in an Indian film. Without a doubt, the most moving Indian movie I have ever seen.

Tristan P (fr) wrote: Like a Japanese version of THE EVIL DEAD, with a dash of Fulci's THE BEYOND. Shinya Tsukamoto's best film (that I've seen) is far better than the cookie cutter horror flicks Japan has been producing lately.

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Lauren S (au) wrote: An average film, with nothing too original or intriguing to hold onto.

mike p (fr) wrote: What started out as a film that seemed to have the cheese of another Polizioteschi film called Stunt Squad actually manages to pull its self together and become a really well made crime film. Although theres a bit of a lag in the middle section, the action is relentless. Ivan Rassimov is great as the mysterious crime lord who keeps the city of Turin in fear with random bombings. The violence is exploitive and the chase sequences are OK. Stelvio Cipriani's score is incredible. And Massimo Dallamano's direction is good.

Steve D (mx) wrote: I remember this being hilarious when I was younger and crying with laughter at the camp fire scene. Re-watching now and it doesn't stand the test of time. Shame as I really wanted to enjoy it again.

Wade P (fr) wrote: Doesn't every Swiss chalet have a tree house dwelling gorilla? Yikes!!

Andrew M (de) wrote: This is so stupid but couldn't help stupid.."felt like a bag full of dicks at a lesbian convention" after watching this... see so stupid.. you should watch this stoned.. much more enjoyable

Russ B (de) wrote: 1/16/2017: A great movie. Many funny moments and a great cast.

Francisco D (mx) wrote: When I was a kid I loved this movie and I think it stills a good movie.

Shane D (ca) wrote: Really, there might be nothing more enjoyable than revisiting the action classics of the late 80's and early 90's. So unbelievable, the dialogue is comedy gold and the plots are normally head scratchingly fantastic. This is no exception. Van Damme (I think is wearing mullet extensions) is typically brilliantly OTT as is Lance Henriksen as the archetypal maniac bad guy. Still, its not what would be generally considered a good movie, quite the contrary, its as good as Wilfred Brimley's French accent.