Crime Against Joe

Crime Against Joe

Down-and-out artist Joe Manning (John Bromfield) wakes up from a night of drunken revelry in a jail cell, where he's being held on suspicion for the murder of a nightclub singer.

A disreputable Korean War veteran is suspected of murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adriano A (au) wrote: This was made for me and I still didn't care for it. I'm all for being told stories I already know, but it has to be done in an interesting way. This was not.

omar a (nl) wrote: very good directorial debut for mr bateman, very funny and edgy and has a lot of heart

Drw W (kr) wrote: it was a good movie... for multitasking. not bad, but i cant say i really enjoyed it.

Janine S (de) wrote: A man is controlling and jealous, smashes the window of his partners car and then post break-up is violent, abusive, gets them fired from work and almost forces his partner to leave the city. Oh wait I'm sorry, thats domestic abuse 101. But in this movie it's a girl doing all the above so that makes it funny. Ha ha ha oh silly me. My female brain got confused.

Laura N (mx) wrote: Horrific but powerful movie. What really struck me was the idea of each prisoner as a document. You needed to get them to record their confession of their activities against the Khmer Rouge. So you had to torture them, but you could not kill them, because that would ruin the "document". So you would heal their torture wounds until you had the complete document and then you could kill them. And just like the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge kept meticulous records of the atrocities they committed. Ironically it was a way to validate the government. It was a way to prove that they were a democracy and that no citizen was imprisoned with out just cause. Even if those causes were created and written by guards. Finally, I suppose that my obsession with documentation and written records as evidence is a way to distance myself emotionally from the horrific acts that these documents record. Because these activities were mind numbingly horrible. My mind keeps skittering away from any attempts to deal with it. For that reason I understand why the guards would rather not deal with what they did in the past. It is easier to be victims too. On the other hand, these men do try and take some responsibility for their past actions.

Mack E (it) wrote: Required viewing for the human race. Know as little as possible walking in, because the film creates a universe unto itself.

Peter R (it) wrote: Considering this movie's title, you'd expect to find a good deal of action scenes as well as decent acting in this movie. Unfortunately, there aren't very many action scenes in this movie that are noteworthy, except for the first 2 action scenes. Another problem this film has is that the acting is very dry and mediocre. A lot of the time, Chuck Norris sounds and looks very bored and wants to just leave the movie set and go home. I can forgive the bad writing as long as the movie is well executed, but unfortunately its not. - This is one of the more crappy action flicks out there that is just as bad as any of Steven Seagal's movies. 2/10

Reece L (au) wrote: I've always much prefered Allen's later, mature pictures but "Bananas" has some great gags (hasidic Jews asking South American rebels for donations, a man drinking from a fishbowl with no explanation, "The NRA declares death to be a good thing", etc.) and hits enough to be genuinely entertaining.

Nina S (jp) wrote: Just got to love this movie! Mij, the otter, is simply adorable. I loved this movie as a child and I still find it touching and adorable.

Ben M (ca) wrote: "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" wasn't that great. For a film that probably cost a lot to produce, having the giant submarine and giant octopusses and all, it didn't do so well. The story is unique, but for the predicament the human race was in, there wasn't enough adventure. And that one Spanish guy with the dog, why does he carry his dog everywhere? And why does he keep interrupting conversations with random biblical passages? I might be generous giving this film 2 stars.

Graham S (nl) wrote: He killed some guys and ate their faces, while other unnecessary stuff happened. The end.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Friday, September 9, 2011 (1976) Midway WAR Another plotless war film based on fact lead by an all star cast which includes Henry Fonda, Charleton Heston, Glenn Ford, Robert Mitchum, Toshiro Mifune, Robert Wagner, Cliff Robertson to name a few. Self -explannatory stated about how The United States Army leaders successfully intercepted Japan's future attacks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and despite the odds against the US, both on water and on air- it's basically who can attack the 'flatbeds' first, since they hold alot of naval aircrafts with alot of ammunition and additional fuel for the air craft carriers! After the success of "The Longest Day", theirs been a stream of films coming out showcasing several different viewpoints involving WWII from both sides and how the war was loss on the losing side, eg: "Tora, Tora, Tora", "A Bridge too Far", "Letters From Iwo Jima" to name a few, this is one of those wars! In my opinion, the conflicted love story between a American soldier and the Japanese girl didn't hurt the story one bit which was one of it's negative critisms! 3 out of 4

Eduardo R (au) wrote: The Normal Heart brings back the past successfully and it hits your heart very hard.