Crime & Punishment, USA

Crime & Punishment, USA

A Californian law student murders a pawnbroker, then matches wits with the detective on the case.

Handsome, twenty-year-old George Hamilton had his first starring role in this so-so drama by Denis Sanders inspired by Feodor Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crime & Punishment, USA torrent reviews

James H (es) wrote: Lost the charm of the first movie. None of the jokes hit and the action is too reliant on special effects.

Amanda H (us) wrote: This movie is basically High Fidelity without the music store and most of the charm. While there were a few scenes I found to be pretty entertaining, as a whole this dragged and came across as a second-rate ripoff.

Nat A (es) wrote: An interesting italian perspective on the exhausting topic of teenage cliques, the film adds color to the dryness of the divisive politics that was going on in Italy at the time, and draws the audience to rally behind Caterina's character thru her ability to act naive and innocent.

Bret L (es) wrote: Eva Amurri MartinoHeather Matarazzo

Jeff R (it) wrote: What do you get when you have a bad film with terrible acting, girls that are naked throughout the film, a bad bruce lee copycat, and hilarious kung fu moves? Give Up? why it's the film Raw Force!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad S (nl) wrote: I had avoided this for a decade, and probably should have kept it that way. The script is weak and it's not super engaging. The action is non-stop so it moves quickly, but I just didn't care and wasn't interested. Uma didn't look great and Ben's acting was very weak. Skip it!

Hunter B (us) wrote: Mind blowing in every way. It's fun and makes you think at the same time. A truly great family movie.