Crime School

Crime School

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Mark Braden finds a reform school in terrible condition and assumes control himself. He wins the boy's cooperation by being fair and falls in love with gang leader Frankie's sister Sue. This aides disgruntled employees in challenging Braden.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1938
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   explosion,   fight,  

A gang of underprivileged teenagers are sentenced to serve two years in a reform school after almost killing a criminal fence who attacked them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy S (ag) wrote: In spite of the subpar acting and low budget look of the movie the story was compelling and timely. This movie could have been so much more with some $$ behind it. It is sad the way that kids somehow fall through the seams. Even though there is no bullying policies in place there are so many fails. Parents, other kids and even counselors sometimes drop the ball. I think the movie is worth watching.

Ying L (it) wrote: Cried so many many times.

Abbey B (ru) wrote: In the movie "Safe Haven", Nicholas Sparks has Emily get in an abusive relationship and she tries to get out of it because her husband is abusing her. She then goes to Georgia where she changes her name to Katie and changes her appearance. I really like this movie because it's so realistic and it shows that not all women have a loving relationship and some women have to fight for their life in some relationships.

Michael A (us) wrote: This is a great movie people on Flixster are just moron...Read this you goddamn stupid fucking "Super Reviewers" You are all Fucking Idiots.

Steve J (kr) wrote: Marvellous, gripping filmic fare from Argentina. Car-crash-tastic, finely acted & a terrific slow-burn fuse to a nerve-shattering crescendo. Plus a couple of great lead performances from the equally lovely Ricardo Darn & Martina Gusman, whose chemistry was a match for Dujardin & Bjo in The Artist. Me gusta mucho! Gracias, Pia :)

Kelsey K (it) wrote: It is good enough to make me like it. The jokes get old and it becomes a little long but kids will watch.

Frances H (it) wrote: From all the hype about this film, I simply expected better. Although good, the story didn't mesh together very well. The acting was very excellent, as one would expect from such a stellar cast. Some of the plot lines weren't nearly as interesting as others and could have been shortened or eliminated. The message here that big oil runs our government and the CIA interferes in the governments of other countries to the point of assignation, none of this is anything new that we didn't already know. That innocent people who mean well are often thrown to the wolves is nothing new in the history of the world. Neither is the idea that corrupt officials will find scapegoats to pay for their sins, so that they go unpunished. A good, but far from great film.

Robert I (it) wrote: Batman takes on the murder house... Or just in another art film.

sarah d (kr) wrote: shiney nose!!!!!!!!!

kelly (de) wrote: the most poetic vampire film I have ever seen. Beautiful, emotional, raw, engaging, and vastly under-seen and under-rated.

Nina S (ca) wrote: So bad that it's funny. Spukisha :D:D

David S (gb) wrote: Enjoyable for its specificity about this man's life and the realistic contradictions of his actions. Would've been better without the didactic bookends.

Bill B (fr) wrote: I gave this a spin sort of expecting something more of a slasher, but honestly the whole film had something of a '50s sci-fi paranoia feel instead of the typical horror flick. It's not too shabby as far as sci-fi/horror fare goes, I'd say give it a rental.

Chelsea G (br) wrote: Not bad. Not great. pretty ok. Only the music is over done a little.

Morgan W (kr) wrote: silly 50's zombies before they ate people. just wanted to kill people.

Vadim D (us) wrote: The film is always mentioned when Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are brought up, but the real stars here are Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor who easily outshine Bogart and Bacall. This classic has all the pedigree, but is not as memorable for me as some of the other pairings between Bogart and Bacall, or as grand as Casablanca.