Crippled Avengers

Crippled Avengers

Crippled Avengers is a 1978 Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Chang Cheh and starring four members of the Venom Mob. It has been released in North America as Mortal Combat and Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms. The film follows a group of martial artists seeking revenge after being crippled by Tu Tin-To (Chen Kuan Tai), a martial arts master, and his son (Lu Feng).

Three men, crippled by an evil warlord, become friends and learn kung fu with the help of an old teacher and his idiot pupil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam P (de) wrote: Oh my, what can I say? So flimsy and over-the-top that it defies all logic, but a few funny moments help to ease the pain.

Fred Randy R (au) wrote: You have got to be kidding! The first wasn't all that good, and as kids we only wanted to see it because they said we couldn't. These days, anything goes, and another Zombie Movie, just like another Vampire movie, needs to be flushed down the crapper!

Anthony V (ag) wrote: Interesting mix of Kung-Fu and steampunk genres. Not very deep, but lots of humor and some terrific action sequences make it worthwhile.

Carol W (fr) wrote: Another interesting ballet story. I'd still like to see 'Mao's last dancer'.

Rhys H (br) wrote: Great Aussie comedy from Tony Martin.

Hank H (ca) wrote: Horribly inaccurate!! I will never like it!!!

Elena J (br) wrote: This is what every christmas movie should be like, this movie has a lot of heart, great comedic timing and the cast is wonderful. Some people say that this is one of Steve Martin's lesser movies, but I truly believe he gives an all round good performance and The film's plot is a unique and interesting concept. all together a oddly hilarious and warmly heartfelt film

John P (br) wrote: More like Man Trouble-Er, wait.

Robyn M (es) wrote: I'm not a mother, just yet.Regardless of the small differnce i felt the maturnal instinct any woman fear for there loved ones. I placed myself in Betty Mahmoody's (Sally Field) shoes and traveled along with her in a unforgettable journey to freedom. Watching the film provoked emotion i never felt.I must say i have higher regard for Fields acting skills. This is her Best performance in a Docudrama which should have been reconised at the Oscars.

Chris (es) wrote: Boring as shit up until everyone is finally at the haunted house and then it gets pretty damn gory and fun.

Jake C (kr) wrote: My parents took me to see this when I was 7. Probably not one of their better choices for night at the drive in with the the kids.

Jake J (br) wrote: A perfect addition to The Muppets!

Michael T (de) wrote: It must have been a hoot to make this movie. It's a pity the audience can't join in on the fun.