Critical Condition

Critical Condition

Eddie is a con artist. But this time he's framed and comes before a judge. By claiming insanity, he hopes to get off the hook. He manages end up in a hospital for a mental examination. That night, a storm breaks out over New York, and the electricity to the hospital is broken. In the ensuing chaos that follows, Eddie is taken for a doctor. Suddenly he is in charge of a whole hospital!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   boat,   fire,  

Con man Kevin Lennihan framed in a jewel smuggling tries for an insanity plea and is sent to a hospital for review where he is confused for another doctor and takes over the hospital when a major storm hits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew T (nl) wrote: A fantastic thriller I don't understand why it has such poor reviews. I did not see the end coming... I love these movies

Christina T (kr) wrote: Wdddrfftyuuiiorewwwqqweetyuol.yrwqq

Thomas H (ru) wrote: an enjoyable film, great characters, great humour. moving story! overall very enjoyable! a film i never thought i'd see but am glad i did!

Kaitlyn H (fr) wrote: It may be an acquired taste, but it's quite delectable. That was so cheesy, but I think the critics got it all wrong this time. It's so intimate and real to life that it's very slowly engrossing and fantastically indie. The characters are not even characters, they're real people with real lives and that alone is extremely underrated. They didn't need to be these outrageous personas, and that's the reason that it works. Wonderfully poignant, and quietly satisfying.

Said C (es) wrote: quite frankly the worst movie ever made aside from Paul Blart: Mall Cop. worst acting ever. the story may have been touching, but the acting is inexcusable. the kids were bad as hello kitty, but sadly i know kids like that.

Elisa P (us) wrote: There's sex like every other minute. I want to watch a movie, not porn. It's a good story though.

Phil H (au) wrote: Just like the animated spin offs from 'The Matrix' and 'Van Helsing' we were also given a small animated feature showing us the events leading up to The Riddick sequel. This short was a sequel to the original 'Pitch Black' but was it really required?.We see Riddick and the other two survivors leaving the dark planet of the original film. In transit to 'New Mecca' they get captured by some mercs lead by the evil villainess 'Antonia Chillingsworth' (Chillingsworth...chilling, scary huh...get it?) who likes to capture famous criminals and put them on display in her ship. She does this by freezing them basically, freezing them into statues, a bit 'Batman and Robin-ish', a bit cheesy but hey.Now this isn't too old really, its only 2004, but I was amazed at how poor the CGI sequences were. There aren't too many, mainly a few ships, some internal corridors and one or two creatures. But it must be said that they look pretty awful to be honest, really obvious and very plastic looking, quite shocked. The sequences with Riddick's ship look like an amateur did them very quickly, so plain and lifeless!.Other than that the animation is nice n quirky, not overly fantastic but it does the job. Hard to criticise art and animation styles because everything is more so a matter of opinion and of course some styles can be deliberately hokey/simple/rough looking. This style is typical anime style with a slightly surreal edge, the characters are drawn in exaggeration at times, overly defined or amplified if you will.What is nice is the fact all the main characters are voiced by the real film cast to give that extra layer of cannon, coolness and fanboyism. I mean lets face it no one can really replace Vin Diesel as Riddick right. The story ticks along fine, a bit simple but its OK, we see the intro of 'Toombs' which is a minor highlight really, not particularly important but hey its there...a small token mainly for the sequel of course.Overall I found this pretty average really, nothing too special, by the numbers in terms of both animation and excitement. It didn't really need to made in all honesty, it serves no real purpose other than to keep fans happy until the second was released, and does it do that? well maybe I guess. A bit short also I might add but at least it served up plenty of blood n gore which always looks good in these anime adventures. This animation does the odd things a film can't because the bigwigs want a film for the mass audiences, we've all heard that before right, this has more free rein.

Robbie N (gb) wrote: A rather silly, unnecessarily violent film that seems a bit of a bore fest. An exceptional cast almost wasted on a goofy action/adventure movie that drags on for much too long. The fight scenes stretch to an unbearable length, and I found myself getting quite bored with it. Despite this, there are some good lines and scenes delivered by Coogan and Chan, who practically save this movie, but I would say it's just a rather dull family picture.

Anthony B (jp) wrote: A 90's action vehicle rehashing of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME starring ICE-T and GARY "THE GINGERDEAD MAN" BUSEY?...Now that's a remake for the ages!

Marcus W (ag) wrote: The most boring film about hunting for treasure that I've ever seen

Michael L (jp) wrote: i have never been a fan of epic bollywood but i enjoyed this 'gone with the wind' like epic of land, marriage, and um...dancing? a very well shot technicolor melodrama, i even find myself humming the songs (that werent subtitled)

Ben T (fr) wrote: A singular, must-see experience.

Tom L (kr) wrote: There is a point to this film but I'm not sure if I can stand to see Woody Allen this horny again.

Mateo M (us) wrote: Although Gone Girl has its flaws, its still a solid and well directed addition too David Fincher's catalogue of thrillers