Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee

When a New York reporter plucks crocodile hunter Dundee from the Australian Outback for a visit to the Big Apple, it's a clash of cultures and a recipe for good-natured comedy as naïve Dundee negotiates the concrete jungle. Dundee proves that his instincts are quite useful in the city and adeptly handles everything from wily muggers to high-society snoots without breaking a sweat.

An American reporter goes to the Australian outback to meet an eccentric crocodile poacher and invites him to New York City. In New York, he is amazed by the wonders of the city and the interesting people there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crocodile Dundee torrent reviews

Joshua L (ag) wrote: it wasn't bad. It had potential but it didn't quite meet it.

John A (fr) wrote: Kind of boring.....did not finish it. Maybe I'll finish it one day.

Amani B (ca) wrote: I was speechless. There are no words to describe the levels of talent that Henry Darger possessed. This was no mere "mad genius". This is another level of human consciousness... And to have done all of this alone and in secret... Mind-blowing. The film did a good job of adapting the narration to the content (the different narrators/multiple personalities for multiple realities). It was well thought out. A great tribute.

Marischa B (it) wrote: Never thought I'd see the day where Jean Claude plays a bad guy....even if he's also playing a good guy in the same movie. This movie was better than I expected and Michael Rooker turned in a performance not seen since his role of Chick Ghandil in Eight Men Out.This movie combined sci-fi, with drama, action and lust. I found it hard to hate Van Damme's heel character "The Torch" for it did seem like he was tortured as a child. As for his good guy role, he did a nice job of playing the dumb replica and Rooker was hilarious as his owner/mentor.The ending was kind of dumb where he goes back to the prostitute because how was he going to live with no understanding of a job system, money or anything like that.This movie wasn't like anything Van Damme has done before and it was original to see him play the heel for once.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Test case of how much can you insult the audience with blatant ridiculousness, and how only five year olds will buy the super cheap thrills.

Mike P (ag) wrote: man, I just love these fatalist, quirky cinematic crises-coeurs more, I say, more!

Alex S (fr) wrote: Classic Burt Reynolds, a very entertaining tribute to Hollywood stuntmen, one of the best Burt Reynolds films.

jay n (es) wrote: Susannah York is stellar but the film is very odd.

Arnaud L (de) wrote: A bit too long but the film has the quality of those big productions of the 60ies (vibrant colours, nice location, solid actors and artistic direction).

Harry L (de) wrote: Mister Nobody is a very complex film. I watched it on NetFlix and do not feel that I wasted my time. I do feel that recommend watching it would be most appropriate if watched with your significant other. It presents some good moral and ethical quandaries and points, and though the film itself has flaws (The fact that the divergent timelines do not feel like more than the sum of their respective parts), it embarks on an emotional journey that regardless of mangled accent continuity touches upon the soul of human emotion. Though the divergent stories do not play out well in films of a similar type, it is worth the time to see each one and to see the ending. I'd recommend it. Enjoyed it very much.

Isaac T (fr) wrote: One of the best Gene Wilder performances of his career. So sad he died in August of 2016. Overall, a HILARIOUS movie!