Faced with his own mortality, an ingenious alchemist tried to perfect an invention that would provide him with the key to eternal life. It was called the Cronos device. When he died more than 400 years later, he took the secrets of this remarkable device to the grave with him. Now, an elderly antiques dealer has found the hellish machine hidden in a statue and learns about its incredible powers. The more he uses the device, the younger he becomes...but nothing comes without a price. Life after death is just the beginning as this nerve-shattering thriller unfolds and the fountain of youth turns bloody.

A mysterious device designed to provide its owner with eternal life resurfaces after four hundred years, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cronos torrent reviews

Omknikhite O (ca) wrote: i want to see "babe i love you"...i love it!!!!^_^

Nancy C (ag) wrote: If you're in the mood for a corniest take on old scifi movies. Might have been better if they made it a lot better plot and monster, it wasn't a good monster.

Jeunesse L (ru) wrote: They actually have info about this movie?! Hahaha. It's a nice one.

Demitry E (us) wrote: I really didn't like this movie too much and I love monster and alien movies. I love the idea of underwater killing creatures but this movie didn't pull it off for me.

Carolina M (fr) wrote: La veo y la veo y siempre descubro algo nuevo, nunca me canso y siempre me enamoro de esta pelicula y de sus dialogos, juegos de colores.....

Vinicius B (us) wrote: "Filhos da Guerra" sem sombra de dvidas o maior de Holocausto que j assisti depois de "A Lista de Schindler"! Nenhum filme sobre este assunto prendeu tanto a minha ateno quanto este! Poucos filmes conseguiram retratar a raiva e o desprezo que os nazistas tinham pelos judeus como este filme conseguiu! Um roteiro impecvel o tornou um dos grandes clssicos do cinema alemo e, para mim, o segundo melhor clssico de nazismo de todos os tempos.

DeWeY 4 (de) wrote: Excellent plot. Drew AND Tlly! need say more? Very schenc parts of Arzona n ths one, makes me want to move there. Must see for Barrymore fans.

River W (nl) wrote: Gerard and Patrick play off each other in hilarious fashion trying to please the melancholy girl they've unwittingly stifled and ailed. Gerard, attempting to be modern, asks a stranger (Patrick) in a coffee shop to have an affair with his wife (Solange). Soon they become best friends, complimenting each other on their sophisticated views and speaking of Mozart constantly. Solange continues to waste away, but soon finds happiness in a manipulative and horny 13 year old boy, who preys on her inability to have a son. People are constantly saying all she needs is to have a baby, and the intuition of the guys on female behavior is waaayyy off. In the beginning there is a girl-to-girl moment, in which we may find out what's wrong with Solange, but it is missed because the two guys are wondering what they are talking about, and showing off to each other.It's a funny, absurd story that borders a great comedy, but focuses instead on the male frustration with pleasing women, and a lonely (possibly very dumb) girl finding happiness in the strangest place.There is a crappy trailer for this movie that builds it up immensely; ignore that. It's still a good movie, but no movie needs that.

Philip L (ca) wrote: Twisted, depraved, utterly offensive, and from a production standpoint, absolutely atrocious. I love it!!

David J (ca) wrote: Fassbinder makes a western (?), like a set in the late 1800's in America western about racism, the family unit, xenophobia, etc. I should've taken a pass, by far my lest favorite of his films.

Bill M (br) wrote: Important does not mean watchable.

Niki G (gb) wrote: Elvis is a houn' dog and Hawaii is pretty. Three stars because the lounge that he sings "You Scratch My Back" at is called the Piki Niki.

AJ S (jp) wrote: Usually considered the lesser of the two train adventures from British screenwriting duo Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder ?? the first being Hitchcock??s ??The Lady Vanishes?? (1938) ??, Carol Reed??s adventurous take on World War II double-agents and double-crosses is hopelessly confined to the recognizably established genre while separating from its predecessor due to the director??s ingenuity. Although not a direct sequel, many of the familiarities are back with the most welcoming seen in the colorful characters of Charters and Caldicott (played again by Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne, respectively) who always supply sufficient comedic relief. Margaret Lockwood also returns as a different damsel in distress, but has less to work with this time around. Rex Harrison plays Lockwood??s not-so-knight-in-shining-armor and is immensely entertaining as the singer by way of English double-agent who tries to rescue her and her father from Nazi capture. Playing the loose antagonist is Nazi agent Paul Henreid (of ??Casablanca?? (1942) fame) completing the even looser love triangle ?? making for one of the most entertaining aspects of the film. Early on, Henreid successfully fools Lockwood in a startling concentration camp sequence, shown with some restraint, giving ??Night Train to Munich?? its complex and prophetic drama. Although the titular train sequence takes up little more than a third of the duration, there is plenty of action and humor to keep the audience amused before and after. The early British war films tend to take the Nazi insurrection lightly, however Reed??s expressive touch allows for some more serious themes to make their way through the comedy and adventure; ultimately distinguishing itself, if not entirely free, from Hitchcock??s more lighthearted romp.

Michael P (jp) wrote: one of the best that can never be made again.

Jason K (jp) wrote: This is a fun movie. Yes, it has a giant crocodile as the main character, but the entire time you're watching this movie, you can see it's very tongue in cheek and the actors are in on the fun. Don't take this movie seriously, just enjoy the ride, the laughs, Betty White's amazing one-liners or Oliver Platt's awesomely campy (but perfect) performance.

Caleb M (mx) wrote: Razorback is so gloriously over-the-top intense that you will either lose yourself in it or be thrown out of the narrative by it's obvious and intentional style. The plot here is basic: a giant 900 lb "razorback" or giant boar is roaming the Australian Outback, killing all unfortunate enough to cross it's path. The plot could be lifted straight from JAWS, substituting the ocean for the Outback, and the shark for a boar, but the screenplay (while never approaching anything beyond the basic) feels fresher than just another tired retread. The style here is what matters: DP Dean Semler (MAD MAX, DANCES WITH WOLVES) gets some really stunning images, everything from frightening, tense, bleak and desolate. The effects for the razorback are outstanding as well, probably some of the best practical creature effects you'll see for a modestly budgeted picture. The screenplay again favors style over substance: we get a lot of people grimacing, trying to convince others about the deadly animal on the loose, redneck Aussies tormenting folks, and some of the always reliable Outback hostility towards outsiders. It's a ton of fun, and damn thrilling too. Horror & thriller aficionados and fans of practical SFX should seek this one out.

Jonathan C (ag) wrote: Disney not at its best, but an adventure nonetheless. Some cute moments. Some heartfelt ones. Some cool characters. Not bad.