Cross Bronx

Cross Bronx

4 New York City highschoolers upon moving into the Bronx together, discover it's not easy doing it on your own

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

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Geoff J (it) wrote: Errors of my choosing this borefess

Adam F (br) wrote: So Bad it's good rating: 4 / 5"Robogeisha" is a bad movie but when it comes to being funny (unintentionally or intentionally, it's hard to tell) it's non-stop laughs. You'll be hard-pressed to find any element of the film that isn't botched up at least once, but I'm getting ahead of myself. What's the premise? What are the subtle nuances and complex characters arcs of "Robogeisha"? what kind of twists and turns can we expect here? Well if you're looking for any of those you've come to the wrong place because the title says it all! It's about a woman who is betrayed by her sister and becomes a cyborg Geisha. She is Japan's only hope against an evil organization of assassins and demons.Right away you can tell this movie is going to be "so bad it's good" because the dialogue (or the translations we're given with the English subtitles) is terrible. You get lines that are poorly written and feel awkward like "I never thought I would transform into a tank!" When the dialogue isn't ridiculous, it's redundant. A significant portion of the lines are characters telling you what is happening to them, how they feel or what they're about to do (If you're a fan of Futurama you will have a great time quoting the Robot Devil while watching this movie "You can't just have your characters tell the audience how they feel! That makes me angry!"). It feels like the film was adapted from a comic book but no one realized that thought bubbles and speech bubbles are different so everyone is saying everything that's on their mind, no matter how ridiculous or inappropriate it might be. What's bad dialogue without bad acting though? Even if you don't speak the language the film was originally shot in, you can tell that the actors are over-doing it and mugging for the camera. Moments that are supposed to be emotionally poignant are not the least bit convincing and in fact they're quite laughable. The dialogue and the acting are bad, but they look like award winners compared to the special effects. When it comes to practical stuff most of the time they're alright, although there are several instances where you can tell the makeup simply ends instead of being blended in with the actors' skin and some props were clearly put together very quickly (watch out for the obvious blue Christmas lights inside the villains' lair at the end of the film). The best special effect in the film is towards the end when they do something to a Pagoda (Japanese castles) that's actually pretty well done, although it's so ridiculous there's no way you can take even the idea seriously. The true standout in terms of badness is the frequently used computer generated effects, which are horrendous. A scene where Robogeisha is driving down the highway looks like the graphics from a cheap video game, we get several scenes where shuriken are flying through the way and it's clear that they were added in post-production because not only do they look bad, but they also don't match the amount of blades that we later see embedded in the intended target (and that's not to say that several missed, it's that the people doing the movie just didn't bother to check how many projectiles needed to be added in because they never match).Often it's hard to tell if the film is bad intentionally or if it's just the director inserting bits of comedy to try and cover up how poorly the film is made. There are some scenes that are really funny (like when everyone is commenting on how embarrassing "AssSwords" are) and in a way the movie really works because bad or not, it just makes you laugh. It's easy to see someone either loving or hating the movie because it's so hard to tell if you're laughing at genuine incompetence, or if this is the equivalent of a sore loser deciding to hide the fact he's about to lose the soccer game by intentionally scoring on his own net and goofing around. Best not ruin the mystery by looking too much into the film (and since it's made in Japan, unless you speak Japanese they're no way you could understand the special features, trailers or commentaries that would be available on a Blu-ray or Dvd anyway). One way you can ensure that you will enjoy the movie is by watching it with a bunch of friends that have no idea what they're getting into. You'll be able to laugh at the film's awfulness and at your friends' reactions so it's guaranteed to be a ton of fun. "Robogeisha" is just as nutty as it sounds and it does not disappoint... unless you were somehow tricked into thinking it would actually be good. (Blu-ray, May 19, 2013)

Graham C (gb) wrote: A story abt the pompe disase.... A father who dones everything he can to save his two children with help of Dr Stonehill... (Harrison Ford) - good film .... Ford is superb.... For tearjerkers especially... However enjoyable...

Katherine H (mx) wrote: The characters were really awkward together, it was boring, and i felt like the redhead didn't suit the part. The star is because some of the locations were really beautiful and Emily Blunt is stunning.

Juli N (ru) wrote: AKA National Lampoon's Yakuza Vacation!

joy j (jp) wrote: Up is funny and special. It's good for family. simple and easy to understand. I would like to recommend this movie to my friends and their children.

Justin S (kr) wrote: Clean, compelling, and an all-around good time. A seminal work of the submarine film.

Will the Thrill V (kr) wrote: My all time favorite since I was about 8. It still holds up as a JD horror noir.

Raji K (de) wrote: Portia Nathan has been an Admissions worker for Princeton for 16 years and has a chance to become the president of admissions. Things get hectic when she discovers she has a son that she did not know about and he wants to get into Princeton. Admission just overall is missing some structure to be a good movie. Each character has some good moments, but nothing great, and overall this movie just falls short of being any good. Rudd and Fey had little chemistry and being fans of either unfortunately wont be enough to make it worth watching this.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: An interesting film, with two of my favorite actors. Rather slow at times. I put off watching this movie due to the bad reviews, and listless quality of the trailer. I liked it better than I thought I would, though. A halfway decent, quiet afternoon movie, with a nice ending to it all...

Architect G (gb) wrote: very bad acting... charlenes role was also annoying. They could have done better.

Richy C (ag) wrote: A space version of the movie "Castaway". Imagine being on another planet by yourself or are you? A great movie to escape into, especially a space movie made in 1964.