A man is murdered, apparently by one of a group of soldiers just out of the army. But which one? And why?

A man is murdered, apparently by one of a group of soldiers just out of the army. But which one? And why? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris V (ru) wrote: Great film. Really enjoyed it. If you like Jo Nesbo books this will be right up your street. Did well to only get only get a 15. Quite gruesome in places. Worth a watch, (if you can do subtitles - it's a Danish film)

Wasiwat W (br) wrote: Fullmetal Alchemist the movie that will make you remind about Brotherhood's series

Kai T (nl) wrote: Great movie though, but I like the original also. I had laughs in the movie also!

Gina W (mx) wrote: A good documentary on Bill Withers, and how he lives by his own rules. He walked away from the music business in 1985 and appears to be comfortable in his retirement.

Judge L (ru) wrote: Looked much better than it turned out. Not bad, but really not that good.

Michael C (us) wrote: This documentary actually made me fearful of America's future.During the making of this film, the national debt was $8 trillion. As I write this on the verge of 2010, the debt is at $12 trillion.

Pascal S (mx) wrote: bof bof Tsukamoto l... un peu brouillon son bonnes scnes quand mme!

Matt G (br) wrote: one of the best underrated action movies.

soul r (fr) wrote: really funny and bundle of energy.

Sakura (br) wrote: THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!

keith w (gb) wrote: Pretty goodMuch better than bronson

B C (de) wrote: I only watched this movie because Kate Winslet was in it, and her acting was phenominal - but the storyline itself was neither here nor there....

Armando P (jp) wrote: Nicholson is (as always) espectacular here. Helen and Greg are also 100% fine. Amazing comedy with little dips of drama.

Robert I (nl) wrote: I used to buy this movie for people's birthdays. Such a great under appreciated film. Everyone on the planet must watch this film. There'd even be world peace.

Allan C (it) wrote: .... this is just messed up.

Faley A (fr) wrote: piece of trash, what the hell were they thinking !

Lauren S (au) wrote: I had to download it because I could not get it on DVD. It wasn't bad. To question what is weird.

Eric R (us) wrote: Apparently Joe Dante's classic original wasn't "good enough" so producer Clive Turner decided to essentially remake it, hence the lame subtitle "The Original Nightmare." Okay it does follow the book better (yes, I have read the Gary Brandner novel) but that doesn't prove it's any good!Well Marie has a problem. Her problem is she keeps seeing images of this short creepy nun with bug eyes and every once-in-a-while she sees a werewolf head pop out and scare the holy shit out of her. Her psychologist recommends her boyfriend take her on a vacation so he rents a cabin deep in a remote area. Her craziness drives him nuts so he finds solace in the vagina of a local gypsy, who just happens to be a werewolf and of course she bites him thus he is a werewolf as well. Now Marie finds that her visions are reality so Marie with the aid of a friend have to destroy a town full of werewolves!Not much I can praise this film about as it's pretty much all bad. Veteran director John Hough (Legend of Hell House) is on cruise control here and the acting for the most part is terrible. The special effects, other than a man melting into a gelatinous state, are also sub-par and I hated how the filmmakers here decided to go the cheap route and have our transformed werewolves being nothing more than trained dogs with glowing red eyes. WHAT?! The werewolves in the previous films were big creatures that walked up right and now their dogs running on all four? Sheesh...Again it may follow the original book better but it didn't result in a better movie and there isn't anything really to recommend about this sequel other than a few unintentional laughs. Even the cheesy title song written and sung by Moody Blues member David Justin Hayward with lyrics like "something evil....something dangerous...." can't save this werewolf turd.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: The first time I heard of this movie, it was form Doug Walker who said that Amadeus is one of his favorite films. So when I watched it for the first time in Music Appreciation, it actually was one of the best movies that I've seen. So years later, I watched it again, and Amadeus still holds up and doesn't feel dated. F. Murray Abraham is really great in this, and Tom Hulce as Mozart is one of the best parts of the film. I don't know anything about Mozart except that he's a famous musician, but if there's a person that I think to be Mozart, it's Tom Hulce. The hair-stylish is rally great and it does make the place feel like Vienna. The soundtrack by Sir Neville Marriner is one of the best scores that I've seen. The soundtrack is exuberant, interesting, it gives a sense of adrenaline, and I'm glad that the film uses Mozart and Salieri music instead of composer's own music. Peter Shaffer did a fantastic job of translating a play into a movie and it never felt like there's a moment that felt off or missing. The costumes they wear are really good and definitely make the time setting feel like the 1700s. Even though that the film is 160 minutes long, it was very inter string from beginning to end. The direction by Milos Forman is really good and really made the film a special one.

Sergel C (ag) wrote: A more appropriate title would have been Paris When It Fizzles.