Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

A rich kid, with a fondness for fast bikes, is blamed when a motorcycle accident puts his best friend in a coma.

A rich kid, with a fondness for fast bikes, is blamed when a motorcycle accident puts his best friend in a coma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (au) wrote: A very weird and morbid comedy that makes you wonder who comes up with this shit!! Still pretty fucking funny!

Janemarie C (kr) wrote: Wow, not only is it racist within minutes & also ableist, but it drags on forever. Oh but let's not forget, there's also the very important, carnivore bunnies that don't rip off Monty Python at all.

The M (ag) wrote: Cynthia McKinney for pres.

Ashley W (es) wrote: Another attempt to be something it's not. However, there were some decent scenes.

Dustin K (ag) wrote: I should have quoted an Avril Lavigne song in my last speech. . .

Isabella M (mx) wrote: This film certainly doesn't capture the same humor the first film ever had.

solidity q (es) wrote: An incredibly bad plot with horrible writing, but otherwise enjoyable.

Robert S (nl) wrote: By far my favorite Robin Williams movie ever!

peyton g (gb) wrote: My favorite movie ever!!

Hammad K (de) wrote: Christopher Walken, Lawrence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes, Giancarlo Esposito (Gus, from Breaking Bad) and Steve Buscemi in a gritty mafia flick? Indeed!

Christopher R (us) wrote: Killer movie with a fantastic cast!

Daniel H (ru) wrote: WOW! At first I was dissapointed with this. There aren't that many Werewolves in this flick.there are more bikers.. weird. But at the second viewing I loved it! It's a bikermovie with a horror twist in the end that makes it a little special. Go watch it... TWICE!!!

Simon D (br) wrote: Strange film that had it's ups and downs. Half of it is a cockney mob film with over-exaggerated characters lot of "you slaaaag"'s and the other half is a trippy insight into the life of Mick Jagger. I do actually mean Jagger as well. I reckon this sort of lifestyle is probably not far from a, what he would want to portray, and 2, the reality. I think this is highlighted by the fact that the blonde bird he was cavorting with was actually his real-life best mate's missus, I can't imagine that Keith would enjoy watching this, then again, I don't think he was living in the same world as Jagger at the time. wHAT i particularly enjoyed abou this was discovering the many references taken from this film and put on the Happy Mondays album, Bummed. As well as lines taken directly from the film and some turned into lyrics, I guess I know now what the song "performance" was about, and the album cover is not disimilar to the photo of Jagger on the front of the DVD, except that it is Shaun Ryder.

Carlo V (nl) wrote: reinventa il neorealismo e trova gli attori perfetti per riuscirvi

Jack W (ag) wrote: You take arguably the best actor of the classical era, a young up and coming star and the director that would one day be known for his comic touch and you should have a winner. this film is really a disappointment. A few slight laughs here and there, but really it just falls flat. The only cool thing is wondering what Grant thought of Curtis and his impression of Grant from Some Like it Hot. :)

Cory W (jp) wrote: I feel like the dislike for this film has grown more as a backlash for Peter Jackson's work on the Hobbit films. I feel the extended edition is excessive but the theatrical cut is entertaining especially. The effects are still solid 12 years later, it's well acted(even with the miscast Jack Black), and it's gorgeously filmed. I'm a monster movie fan so my opinion is a bit subjective, but it doesn't make it wrong when it, comes to a quality filmmaking.

Norm d (nl) wrote: A western Western. A western MOVIE. Spectacular in most ways, including a magnificent film score & sound design, as evidenced by its 70mm 6-track release in '85. The 5.1 DVD Dolby Surround is excellent. There's really too much going-on in this film, unlike "Unforgiven," but still ... And the female characters are underutilized in story & screen time, and in love interest & raw westward-ho the women old-time boots-on lovemaking, especially with Arquette on-board. Really, you want Carol Baker & Debbie Reynolds to emerge from the Rio Grande somewhere along the way, so stellar are the male leads. If you need a Western fix with plenty of shooting, dust, & panorama, this is a good one. Kevin Kline was good casting, almost surprisingly, as was Brian Dennehy. Costner's screen persona worked well, perhaps even better than later on ...

W P (mx) wrote: Interesting and innovative filmmaking is increasingly and sadly rare, though this year has been an exception. First, it was Boyhood, filmed over a decade. Now, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her/Him, which is one story, two separate films presented in tandem, reflecting the differing perspectives of a husband and wife coping with the death of their child. Together, the two films convey a deep and rich portrait of a couple in crisis. Individually, each presents only what that character experiences and recalls, so the only common scenes are those where husband and wife were both present. Those moments where the stories "cross" illuminate their individual states and say a lot about our own perceptual selectivity, especially as we cope with severe tragedy and pain.When the producer chose also to release The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, a shorter, combined version, it seems to have been motivated by his own fear. Fear of whether audiences would sit for three hours plus to watch a film that has no explosions or hysterical laughs. Like his film, that real-life decision also demonstrates why it's a bad idea to act out of fear; it may very well have sabotaged his own future with audiences.What this film has to say simply cannot be conveyed in "Them" and what came out of the editing room was inevitably an empty, confusing mistake that might keep people from seeing the real deal. If you spent money seeing The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, just write it off as a mistake. That's what I've done, as I keep reflecting on the insightful The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her/Him, one film I'm liking more every moment.

AW C (ca) wrote: Slow and tired performances and story make it occasionally gritty, but it still can't shake boredom.

Brian B (kr) wrote: This movie is worth every second of your time!