A French diplomat who's recovered from amnesia is blackmailed over crimes he can't remember.

Diplomat is blackmailed for crimes he committed before he had amnesia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crossroads torrent reviews

Serge L (us) wrote: Pretty effing good story about milking purple potatoes for chips. Two brothers with frenchie names living in the border town in the maritimes, played by englishes, wish they were living in a more english place named Boston. The whole thing smells too much like potatoes and one brother breaks free of the regular mold to get into drug deal mold. The film is down-to-earth good like potatoes well chipped, which I wish I had. We kind of see that the rot is so prevalent, drugs getting bought from old guys and exchanged for cash, etc. The film holds its own, english-wise. The end is frenchie. It has a small town feel. The dramatic end was to come. No way this film, with this tone, could have ended well. Great time all around! haha!

Michelle H (mx) wrote: A fun slapstick comedy, definitely enjoyed the laughs! Not bad for a first time director!

Nathan M (kr) wrote: Entertaining despite Deschanel, who is actually less presumptuous here. A good black comedy featuring a dysfunctional family.

Alex E (nl) wrote: The movie that made Bruce Lee a worldwide legend, Enter the Dragon is a colorful romp with memorable characters, a straightforward tournament story, amazing Martial Arts sequences, and Lee's unmatched philosophy, presence and skill.

Patrick D (us) wrote: Tsui Hark's amazing. I feel with this film he really comes close to perfecting the moving and frenetic camera action scenes. His photography is intense as all hell, and the story allows for some great badasseries as well. There are narrative points that are week, but over all it's an incredibly mature and stylistic martial arts piece. One of the best remakes ever made.

Becs D (us) wrote: An old favourite with a creative flair for violence, the story that based itself on Romeo and Juliet, applies so strongly still today in so many scenarios despite it's datedness.

Anthony C (de) wrote: The chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Ledger, as well as their characters, was phenomenal. I absolutely loved how well the story played out. Everyone played their roles quite well (as expected from an Ang Lee film), and the climactic scene was an absolute thrill. I don't watch a lot of movies, but I'm glad I watched this one.

Abdullah M (gb) wrote: The movie drifted the mindset for the regular bollywood cinema-goers but the only annoying part was that the movie started on the lines of Match Point (2005).. else it was all good and most of all the realm of Love and feelings and the hunt for a lost love are felt. Good work Hrithik & Barbara!