In late summer of 2011, five young friends on a road trip went missing after being attacked by nomadic cannibals in a huge RV. Video was recorded by the victims & recovered by police as evidence in their still-unsolved murders.

In late summer of 2011, five young friends on a road trip went missing after being attacked by nomadic cannibals in a huge RV. Video was recorded by the victims & recovered by police as evidence in their still-unsolved murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise P (br) wrote: Being apart of a popular horror franchise gives this remake some pointers, but Leprechaun: Origins fails to significantly build on the original and suffers from an underdeveloped script, incoherent editing, predictable scares and a pronounced lack of remarkability.

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (ca) wrote: Interesting take on the old story. I really like the short hair style. I think the ending is weird, I rather consider it as a bad ending. But not like bad ending is always bad movie. Maybe it's just not really my style of the cabaret-like performance of the mother. Who is seems to be such a big star that her face was the biggest in the poster. I thought she was the Snowhite before I watch the movie.

Jason T (it) wrote: An Aussie thriller that has a good performance from Ray Liotta and some tension but fails due to a predictable script, dull ending, and confusing beginning. An average DTD movie.

Kevin R (us) wrote: Never stop looking for what's not there.Monty Wildhorn is an old western author that doesn't have much ambition towards writing or life in general. He agrees to dog sit over a summer on a small island where he'll be left alone so he can drink himself to death...or begin writing again. A woman in the process of getting a divorce lives down the street with her three daughters. The three daughters inspire the man and in return he inspires them."What's he yelling at?""Life."Rob Reiner, director of The Bucket List, A Few Good Men, North, Misery, Ghosts of Mississippi, Stand by Me, This is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, and When Harry Met Sally, delivers The Magic of Belle Isle. The storyline for this picture is actually very entertaining and contains wonderful characters and a well written script. The cast delivers awesome performances and includes Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Kenan Thompson, Fred Willard, Madeline Carroll, and Emma Fuhrmann."Sometimes I want to pull my pants down.""Join the club."I actually started watching this a couple years ago at my dad's house around Christmas and thought it looked interesting. This was definitely better than I anticipated and I found this a fun film to watch unfold. I found myself lost in the characters and the ultimate direction of the story. Overall, this is a very good movie about imagination and the beauty of youth. I strongly recommend seeing this movie and it is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."I don't believe in last chances. I've had too many of them."Grade: B

Jenny V (de) wrote: The only thing that kept me going was seeing Shahid's face cause man Rani Mukherjee was so annoying in this. It was a decent movie. I think it's definitely worth watch with a friend.

Zachary D (de) wrote: Gave me super aids and I liked it

Jefrus R (gb) wrote: Good film but why did Mickey Rourke play Bukowski as Snagglepuss?

Bradley W (us) wrote: Its truly awful, but its Ed Wood's brand of awful which I found amusing

Wwe S (it) wrote: It's really funny must watch

Alex W (fr) wrote: Hitchcock is mostly know for his scary movies but this falls more into the adventure and misery category's similar to north by northwest. It still has a lot of the trademark tension in a few interesting scenarios, including a particularly tentious scene in a windmill. I also found the plot to be much more believable and less dated then north by northwest. There is also a impressive plane crash sequence shown from the view from inside the plane. You definitely get the message that the makers of this film wanted america involved in the war. Its also crazy to think that all this was in theaters right as London was first being bombed yet before pearl harbor. I also though that Laraine Day was great as the female lead and very pretty, she has some beautiful peirceing eyes. Its a shame to see she didn't do many other films. This movie has one of my most hated old movie tropes where the 2 leads fall in love at the drop of a hat. Aside from that this is a good film but not great.

Amanda S (gb) wrote: This a far stretch from the first film. It's poorly acted and corny.

Tina S (ru) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!