Man's father is scheduled to be executed around the same time his son will be born.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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What do you do if the day your first child is to be born is also the same day your father is to be executed? If you're twenty-six-year old MANNY, you use your father's impending execution ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenny J (gb) wrote: vldigt stt men tunn story

Hardin H (kr) wrote: If you accept what it is, it's actually pretty damn funny.

Sheldon N (kr) wrote: The awfulness of this movie is almost indescribable. It made my brain physically hurt, which is quite an accomplishment without nerve-endings. The characters are vapid and two-dimensional, with the most basic motivations that aren't even remotely believable, with horrid SFX and a completely unnecessary explosion near the end. "Terrible" doesn't even begin to cut it.

Patrick W (jp) wrote: Dear God. For as much as I loved Adrian Paul's Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander television series, it does not make up for how absolutely shitty this film is. So so so bad. It's one of those times where you are praying for those 86 minutes of your life back.

Michael O (es) wrote: While it was nice to look at it started to drag when I figured out the movie was never really going to take off. Werckmeister is still the better movie.

Stan L (it) wrote: interesting layering & overlapping of shot!

Jeff Z (us) wrote: I remembered this as a bad Jerry Lewis film, but in seeing it again this weekend, I discovered I was being way too generous. This is an awful Jerry Lewis film. And I'm a big fan. The story about a guy who gets his heart broke when he graduates from school so now he's afraid of women goes nowhere. He gets a job as a handyman at a all ladies hotel. Lots of sight gags follow as well as pointless self indulgent fantasy scenes that are just not funny. There's been a lot written about Jerrys incredbile set, but who cares if the story and the gags are so lame. How very disappointing that Jerry followed the brilliant "The Bellboy" directoral debut with this expensive, unfunny mess. I thought the commentary track might at least be interesting with Jerry's and (for some unknown reason) Steve Lawrence's commentary, but it isn't.

Collin R (ag) wrote: on its own its actually not great yet compare to how many terrible comedies there are its a minor watchable to kill some time, bright spot

Brad F (jp) wrote: Wow. What a twisted film. Dark, disturbing and incredibly well shot and acted. A transformative performance by Jake Gyllenhaal that will chill you to the core.