Crying Wolf

Crying Wolf

Unknown suspects kidnapped the billionaire Qasim Al-Thani's only son and they are demanding a hundred million pounds of ransom money. Al-Thani refuses to negotiate with the terrorists and to avoid any media attention he hires private operatives for a rescue mission. An inside man at the MI5 gets hold of the hostage whereabout who is located in a small village at Herefordshire county. The assembled mercenaries make their way to the countryside but after arriving to the abandoned mansion they realize that this textbook rescue mission might cost their lives...

Unknown suspects kidnapped the billionaire Qasim Al-Thani's only son| and they are demanding a hundred million pounds of ransom money. Al-Thani refuses to negotiate
with the terrorists| and to avoid any media attention he hires private operatives for a rescue mission. An inside man at the MI5 gets hold of the hostage whereabout|
who is located in a small village at Herefordshire county. The assembled mercenaries make their way to the countryside but after arriving to the abandoned mansion|
they realize that this textbook rescue mission| might cost their lives... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole T (kr) wrote: Honestly!!! Here's the deal. As a serious movie critic and my genuine fondness of every genre of film, I am compelled to share how the scene from the 1984 version starring Mr. Christopher Lambert is still, to this day, emblazoned in my head. It's the scene where he's extremely upset and exclaims, over and over, "He was my father.....he was my father." He was referring to the ape of course, that had been in the lab. The bond between him and the ship-wrecked Belgian Captain Phillip D'Arnot. This Tarzan had such an innocence about him throughout the movie. Heart-wrenching, disturbingly sad, but most importantly, darn good writing, producing, directing, and ultimately acting on the part of every professional who had the opportunity to be apart of one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Now, fast forward to 2016, when the new version was made Mr. Alexander Skarsgard. I'm so utterly fascinated by the entire story line that it disturbed me when I read the consensus of the critics and the rating of 36%. Are you kidding me right now? Are you kidding me? You folks clearly didn't get the message in this move. WATCH IT AGAIN!!!! Really watch it. Please, I don't mean to appear as if I'm screaming but if the core plot, combined with great theme music and a more intense version of the legend of this man doesn't peak your interest or make you wonder just a little then something is not clicking. This movie deserves at least a 90% in my opinion. I'm super critical on special effects so when Tarzan and his friends jumped off the cliff and started vine riding, it seemed believable, and fun. No man ever started with less. Can you imagine what that would be like? Probably not. But it's okay. Watch it again and you'll learn a few things. Look for these best moments and you'll understand why this is, without a doubt, certainly just as believable as the 1984 version and is actually just as finely written, produced, directed, and acted out exquisitely by all of these professionals involved with this version. Opening Scene- I love art so I remember the stone statue of Opar. He wasn't smiling, but frowning. More or less, keep out. I remember that the Chief knew what Rom wanted and only desired for one thing.Tarzan and Dr. William's interaction throughout the film.Tarzan and his ape mother's bond.Tarzan and Jane's bond.Tarzan and his bond with the Chief he went home to see in Africa.Tarzan and his brother Acoot's bond.Jane's strength and courage. She was a fighter and was real.Tarzan and the Chief fight, regarding the Chief's son and Tarzan's mother and then Acoot and the rest of his ape brothers appear. Alexander, Samuel, Margot, Christoph and the whole cast and crew really just completely spoke to me. Oh yeah, the call!!! The Tarzan jungle call. It made Jane cry even harder on the boat because he was telling her he was coming, while that creepy crazy dude, Mr. Rom, was plotting to deliver those diamonds to that other somewhat creepy accountant, who was irritated from the beginning by Mr. Rom. He was funny, in a pudgy sort of way. Mr. Rom's Madagascar spider silk will not be forgotten, but he played the role of crazy very well indeed. I liked this bad guy. He was the only one left standing in the beginning remember so.....crazy knows crazy...Very good scene. The reason I love this movie is because it involved Adaptation, Resentment, Frustration, Anger, Violence, Corruption, and the ultimate emotion of them all, Love, which was on clear display. Seriously, it's April 2017 and I still watch this movie at the drop of a hat, especially with my friends who've never seen it. My point is that I want you to try to be open-minded so you can see the appreciation in the actual idea that these writers conveyed or tried to convey. Darn good story if you ask me. What if this happened? It could have or something similar. We don't know do we? Think about it. Talk about it. Great story guys. Sincerely, Nikki Tanner

Steve W (es) wrote: Completely derivative, but not without style and panache. Essentially a bigger take on Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, it tells the tale of the Yang clan when their father is trapped by the son of an old enemy. The action is plentiful and well done, but there is zero character development or much of anything else. Its a straight forward action tale, full of blood, blades, and badassery. As a piece of entertainment it does well, but those looking for a decent story or rich themes should look elsewhere.

Rahman S (us) wrote: a good wayy! bt doesn't fit with 'Khan'

Lane Z (ca) wrote: Steve Buscemi is a weird man. He acts weird and looks weird, but he's still the best part about this movie. Probably the only good part. It's quirky and silly. Sometimes those movies are worth a watch for the dry humor but this one strays too far off the path. I confusing story line and not enough character development with some odd dream sequences make this one a dud. I mean, we don't even travel to Vegas and it's in the title.

Alexi T (es) wrote: i suppose i'd give it a try

Gavin P (jp) wrote: Actually quite enjoyable. Nowhere near as bad as other reviews.

Todd S (ag) wrote: [font='Times New Roman'][size=4]As far as pure gore scenes this movie does it well. The gore effects are nicely pulled off and taken as individual scenes, they can be disturbing. Unfortunately the scenes shouldn?t be taken by themselves to make a good film, they should mesh together. They don?t. The movie gives us no logical plot line to follow. It?s not enough to put a bunch of wacked out psychos in the middle of a desert ranch and throw victims at them. There needs to be some background and some kind of character formation. Why should I care about the victims? Why are these nuts out there in the desert waiting for victims to show up? This movie was an obvious try at [i]Devil?s Rejects[/i] meets [i]The Hills Have Eyes[/i]. At least both those films gave us some background on the psycho killers and some connection with the victims. This one didn?t give us anything. They introduced characters with pretty much no meaningful backgrounds to crazy murderers that have no real purpose or logical reason for being where they are and doing what they do and let the gore fly.[/size][/font]

Tasha C (es) wrote: A Sci Fi channel movie. Nuff said.

Becky C (ag) wrote: Finally watched this movie. So sweet :)

J K (ag) wrote: Bollywood puts out so many movies that they forget what half of them are about.

Dennis F (us) wrote: A great movie - starts out so sugary-sweet you could puke - but develops into a great story, with lots of questions popping up about faith, morality, hypocrisy, happiness, etc - a fun, thought-provoking way to spend an evening.

David W (ag) wrote: Still a better movie than FoodFight!

Michael W (gb) wrote: The darker side of a ventriloquist's personality is overtaken by his demented dummy while he attempts a retreat to his hometown and renews acquaintances with his high school crush. Top grade psychological thriller that is effectively creepy; I like how the ventriloquist and the dummy always dress alike.

Justin E (br) wrote: I hate saying this, but, one of the better Hercules movies.

Samantha S (jp) wrote: lol at Elizabeth Tailor's southern accent!! So pretty and pretentious :PLots of great actors, interesting story...yay for DeForrest Kelly Turning up randomly!

Yuderka D (br) wrote: Tecnolgicamente gust mucho ..

Ruthie R (jp) wrote: The moral of this story? If you have unprotected sex, you spawn demons and turn into a witch! Pretty accurate imo.