1962-ben, amikor Gagarin urrepult es csaknem kitort a harmadik vilaghaboru, nalunk mar jo ideje nem tortent semmi es ugy nezett ki, hogy meg vagy harminc evig nem is fog. De, hogy ...

1962-ben, amikor Gagarin urrepult es csaknem kitort a harmadik vilaghaboru, nalunk mar jo ideje nem tortent semmi es ugy nezett ki, hogy meg vagy harminc evig nem is fog. De, hogy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather (ru) wrote: This movie was alright. Clearly a made-for-tv movie with some mediocre acting but since the plot was based on a true and scandalous story, it was enough to keep my attention and overall, I'm glad I watched it.

Zach M (us) wrote: I quite enjoyed the Hulk vs Wolverine segment of the film. It had lots of great characters and used a great story line. The Hulk vs Thor segment was ok but it didn't have a very entertaining story line.

Paul A (ag) wrote: Sweet story of redemption. Sean Patrick Brennan seemed as if he was reading a number of his lines, but the other actors were more than good enough. And the script and the story were powerful enough for me to forgive the acting shortcomings, particularly at the holidays. Oh, and I am a committed Catholic and was not offended in the slightest by this film.

Rickard O (ag) wrote: What the hell was this? I don't even know if it qualifies as a movie... A women narrator just talking garbage that no one understand anything about for over an hour. Accompanied by black and white pictures of... well I don't really know, people and crap mixed up with no sense of order at all. If I should try to find something good about this "movie" it would be that I actually laughed two times... But that was only because the narrator started talking nonsense in the middle of a tale that almost seemed to make sense. Watch it if you want to, but don't expect to see a movie, or anything that even remembers of a movie.

Kevin J (it) wrote: This foreign film was sooooo much better than the Tom Cruise version.

Christopher J (br) wrote: I watched this because James Roday is in it, and I have to say it is pretty funny. No one smokes a single particle of weed on screen but the whole film is about weed, which seems contrary but actually works for this film. I also watched because it was directed by Thomas Haden Church who I also happen to be a big fan of. With all of that said most people would find this film boring, but I liked it.

Amy K (us) wrote: Oh Marlon Brando. Yes, his accent sucks but still, get past that and this is one of the most poignant movies ever. A timeless story about racism and expectations and most of all...LOVE.

Bob W (fr) wrote: Cute--mostly lou in a ridiculous boxing match involving the invisible man. Ending really silly.

Zo A (mx) wrote: WONDERFUL! Absolutely splendid songs and dancing!

Steve W (jp) wrote: Ip Man is modern martial arts masterpiece. It combines good storytelling with some breath-taking and well choreographed fight scenes. The editing, music, and acting are all top notch. It defies the cliches of a martial arts film by making it noteworthy with a good plot and lots of character development. Definitely not one that can be missed for fans of the genre, he colour saturation change also affect moods quite nicely. Watch this one to see Donnie Yen at the height of his powers.

Bill G (us) wrote: This movie shoulda been titled "Kindergarten Crap." Jesus Christ, the last time I saw anything so rancid, someone had left a pound of bleu cheese on the asphalt in a parking lot in Death Valley. F*ck me, what were they thinking? "Citizen Kane" this ain't. Dig this: A cop has to go undercover to catch a drug dealer. Fair enough. A cop has to go undercover AS A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER to catch a drug dealer. Ummm, don't think so. Oh, and the "undercover" cop is a 6-foot 3-inch 260-pound bodybuilder who can't speak English and whose biceps are larger than Dom DeLuise's thighs? I'm used to suspending my disbelief for sci-fi/fantasy movies, for example. But this hunk a sh*t is ridiculous. Where are the studio execs who greenlit this pitch? They'd probably greenlight John Goodman to star in "The Kate Moss Story." And think of the children! My god, what the filmmakers put all these 5-year-old kids through for a couple of months, no doubt as joyful an experience as the Bataan Death March. All in all, I give this movie a half-star, for the producers who somehow convinced the inimitable yet oft misunderstood Oscar winner Linda Hunt to appear in this crime against nature. If your choice is watching this movie or watching New Jersey Governor Chris Christie take a sh*t, go with Christie. Fewer lasting psychosis-inducing mental images.

Zurino O (ca) wrote: Palpable tension. and POOL sharks!