Cuando en el cielo pasen lista

Cuando en el cielo pasen lista


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Cuando en el cielo pasen lista torrent reviews

Kaleb C (it) wrote: I'm all for a B movie that is so bad that friends and I can watch and laugh, but this movie was so bad that this is near impossible. Trying to add a twist to the zombie hype that already exists in our society can sometimes benefit a movie like this. However, when the execution of said twist (non-human animals becoming zombies) relies heavily on cringe-worthy cgi and subpar acting, it does not usually succeed. The only thing I enjoyed about this movie was the actors'/actresses' surprised or scared facial expressions that looked exactly like ":O". Those were entertaining.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Birth of the Living Dead is an engrossing documentary film. I was very interested in this film which is rare as I find documentary films to be boring. George A. Romero is the best part in this as he is very funny, and very interesting. It goes to other people about their perspectives on the first zombie film, and they're not bad either. The only problem with this is that when the other thing that's kind of related to the zombie film shows up, the movie focused more on the other thing than the zombie film. I would've been fine if it did show up, but it just lingers on it for a bit too long. When it gets it right, it really gets it right, and I'm glad I saw this film.

Eliabeth M (ag) wrote: Larry Kramer: Every single drug that's out there is because of ACT UP, I am convinced. It is the proudest achievement that the gay population of this world can ever claim.La epidemia del sida afect a toda una generacin, pero es difcil entender la gravedad de lo que fue, si no vivimos en esa poca. How to Survive a Plague lo ilustra sin tapujos. Al ver este documental, sent rabia al ver que miles de personas moran, y slo por su inclinacin sexual fueron ignorados. De cierta manera, los que decidieron mirar al otro lado, tienen sangre en sus manos. La desinformacin alrededor de esta enfermedad me hizo hervir la sangre.Este documental es tan eficaz porque muestra archivos histricos, entrevistas con los que estuvieron al frente luchando por sus derechos y lo que ms causo impacto fue el countdown de como la enfermedad iba destruyendo vidas todos los das. Fue impactante ver el aumento de las cifras de muerte, mientras el mundo se mantena en silencio. El sida mat, pero no logr matar el espritu de lucha de miles de personas, y de cierta manera, reafirm la importancia de mantenerse fuerte ante las adversidades, y que la lucha por la igualdad an sigue.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Seduction Kill Seduction/ Take a Shot is about the drug trade in Goa. Cop, Vishnu, (veteran hero Bachchan, Dhoom, Dhoom 2) lost his family to a drug related accident. When given the authority to stop Goa's drug trade, he goes all out. He even made a music video! Seasoned villain Biscuit (Pancholi) does everything he can to keep his business alive. "It's made to high technical standards with plenty of stylish transitions and impressive location work." Vibrant colors, fun songs, intriguing twists, and a sexy cameo by Padukone make for an enjoyable crime thriller.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (2009) Life Is Hot In Cracktown DRAMA Somewhat of a raw documentary drama style film based on the stories told through Buddy Giovinazzo's novel of the same name who also wrote and directed it. The film although not for everyone since anyone can see something like this on some documentary channel or another about pushers and low lifes, but the thing is that the film does have an ending if not a satisfying one, but have to go through all the retro tape to go there which just 'states' the characters without viewers able to identify with any of them until at least after the first hour! There's also a realistic feel to the characters since it's centered on the poor side of town portraying a particular neighborhood unnoticed and often ignored by civilized residents and hard not to look. Style is similar to (1995) Kids and Bully of (2001)! 3 out of 4

David G (ag) wrote: The story is mediocre and poorly explained but the absurd action scenes will leave you in a state of awe.

Jeremy F (gb) wrote: a movie about sex, relationships, and love. Pretty decent flick overall

Jessica S (es) wrote: i love westerns and it was funny

Val M (au) wrote: I couldn't finish it....'nuff said.

Larry C (kr) wrote: I am almost never bored but I was bored by this slow movie.

Harpreet S (ru) wrote: I was not too impressed with Luchino Visconti(TM)s Rocco and His Brothers.? I did read Ebert(TM)s Great Movies? review and understood why it was at times preachy or over-the-top. Such is the opera, which Visconti was a director of also. Certain sequences I thought could have been executed better, although the murder sequence was very well done. The revealing scene near the end, right after the murder, where the two brothers Rocco and Simone meet again just did not hold up for me. When Rocco, played by Alain Delon, starts crying with his brother, I did not feel any emotion, I found it funny and laughed, even though I tried to understand the logic of the director. I did see some Raging Bull? in Rocco and His Brothers,? also I see why Mean Streets? is compared with it. Sure, it is essential, but, like Mean Streets,? it is also not a great film for me. I liked it and do consider it a good film. Out of the four films I seen of Visconti, The Leopard? is his only film I consider great, the closest to perfection, and his only film that has a chance to survive among the (probable) four greatest Italian films in my opinion: Fellini(TM)s 8 1/2" and La Dolce Vita,? Pasolini(TM)s Teorema,? and Antonioni(TM)s L(TM)Avventura."

Marjeta M (us) wrote: Fun in a 'this is terrible' kind of way.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Well crafted mystery with hints of supernatural about a turn of the century girls school outing into the Australian outback, where three of the girls and a teacher all mysteriously disappear. It's an intriguing film and unfolds in a nearly hypnotic and dreamlike fashion under director Peter Weir. However, I also found the film rather slow and ponderous, but the story, atmosphere and intriguing outback setting are enough to carry the day. Well worth watching.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: It works well like any good sequel, even though both the energy and blandness are the same with seemingly more gores, making its style old news/out of focus. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Xander K (ca) wrote: I think it more or less accomplished what it set out to do.