Cuando Franco murió, yo tenía 30 años

Cuando Franco murió, yo tenía 30 años


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Cuando Franco murió, yo tenía 30 años torrent reviews

Paul B (kr) wrote: Zero (aka Tony Revolori) was excellent. That's all I've got to say.

Steeve M (it) wrote: Some critics are humourless twats: Michael O'Sullivan from the Washington Post, for example.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Great movie. Loved it

LJ C (ru) wrote: Used to be one of my favorite movies

Darryl C (jp) wrote: as a filmmaker, evans has strummed my pain and sang my life. i don't think that i will ever see a film that will affect me like this one. the cast is an embarassment of riches. the camera work is vivid and creative while still on a budget. and the score is a nice mix of jazz and source music.

Maria F (gb) wrote: A great movie with some very good acting from De Niro and Streep as two people who happen to meet on a train and fall in love. The only problem is they are both married...One of my favourite romantic movies.

Alejandro E (jp) wrote: Remarkable real life story of the feral boy from France;supported by poetic treatment.One of mandatories of french cinema.

Grant S (es) wrote: Great movie. Ostensibly a sport-drama but the main plot of the movie is as a relationship / human drama. Very thoughtful and emotional plot. Great, gritty direction by Lindsay Anderson. The use of black-and-white photography helped the feeling of desolation, melancholy and emotional emptiness.Requires some patience though - starts slowly.Good performances by Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts, both of whom received Oscar nominations for their efforts.

David B (jp) wrote: Real good movie with some surprises at the end