Cuatro vidas

Cuatro vidas

Romantic melodrama with murderous rivalries, set on a newly-cultivated wilderness plantation in Guatemala.

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Cuatro vidas torrent reviews

Trever B (ag) wrote: surprisingly good film considering it is a sequel based on a true story.

Samra M (kr) wrote: Pretty impressive, offbeat flick ... with its claim to fame being the song 'Saibo' .... !! Loads of second tier actors put together in a combination of stories from the backstreets of Mumbai, which is well-told and presented!! Good, real and soft watch ... Tusshar is a good actor ... he is just not 'hero' material and he should stick to movies like this to gain some popularity and fans atleast ...

Bryan M (jp) wrote: Slight, but enjoyably goofy dysfunctional family/coming-of-age comedy. It's about home-schooled 18 year old Bethany trying to find her place in the world, while getting out from under her divorced mother's oppressive eccentricities. The main point of interest may be Haley Joel Osment (an Oscar-nominee for 1999's "The Sixth Sense"), as her dad's high-energy younger boyfriend. He and the rest of cast are fine, but the movie overloads on zany characters and feels too much like a sitcom.

Jeff L (mx) wrote: I found it fascinating to just to see photos of the elusive Salinger.

Renata D (br) wrote: I saw it today. I like the blood and flesh portrait of Milarepa - not a fairy tell type, but as real as the life itself. I wish the second part is available, as I'm very interested in the further part of the story.

Roddy T (ca) wrote: I wanted to like this. It's about a slacker working in an eatery that only serves cereal. It's bu Michael Leihman, who directed Heathers. Zooey Deschanal & Christopher Lloyd are in it. It all sounds good. But it was just a half-baked, ameteurish, inferior Clerks meets Empire Records, but with non of the wit or charm of either. The main guy is the most smug & annoying slacker since Stephen Dorf in SFW. Crap.

Raleigh B (us) wrote: You say this is no longer fresh yet that's the rating here.

MF J (ca) wrote: It had been a while since the French cinema came up with something as good & entertaining as this film. The story goes back in time during the 18th century when the beast of Gevaudan killed over a hundred people. The film is giving one of the many explainable possibilities. Really well shot, beautifully done the film is an awesome over the top blend of fantasy, legend, martial art & costume drama.

Dave L (us) wrote: Disappointing given the book was written by the master, Cormac McCarthy. The cinematography is masterful but the story drags on along at a painful pace. There also seems to be a lot missing from the story and the rumor has it that director Billy Bob Thornton had a nearly 4 hour cut. I can't see this movie being good if more was added to the cut. It is already a painful cut at less than two hours.

Adam W (br) wrote: Made to cash in on Jaws' popularity but was hideously fifth rate.

Greg G (jp) wrote: Such a good movie :)

Alec B (us) wrote: The story itself was awkward at times and the plot dragged on a bit, but the movie is a classic nonetheless.

Daan D (mx) wrote: Good thriller. They use emotional issues to throw even more weight in the balance. It was so good the ending came too soon