Cuentos de la Alhambra

Cuentos de la Alhambra

Mariquilla is a beautiful gypsy who is in love with Lucas, a soldier of the garrison in the Alhambra, but her father wants to marry her with Don Cosme, a rich old clerk for the service of the mayor. Soon, the girl asks for help to the governor of Granada, a gentleman who has always had a great adoration for the girl.

Mariquilla is a beautiful gypsy who is in love with Lucas, a soldier of the garrison in the Alhambra, but her father wants to marry her with Don Cosme, a rich old clerk for the service of the mayor. Soon, the girl asks for help to the governor of Granada, a gentleman who has always had a great adoration for the girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max R (de) wrote: Excellent star cast and brilliant performance except Tushar Kapoor... Poor guy always gets a role that does not suit his personality. Overall a must see.

Pree T (ca) wrote: correct the release year

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John A (gb) wrote: Panahi's film is another humane entry in his body of work. The first shot captures the entire theme of the film with its frame within a frame, the camera's refusal to turn left or right, the helpless onlookers, and the disintegrating lower class robber. Each of the elements combine to highlight what the rest of the film lays out so beautifully: the inherent inequality (in power and in economics) that pulsates through Iranian society.

Francisco L (ca) wrote: The lack of interest, the poor jokes and the lack of unpredictability are enough to forget the suitable cast performances and its, whilom, well-written story.

Leigh C (jp) wrote: Sad beginnin but very cute movie. :D

Anand K (nl) wrote: what starts out as a movie becomes a bunch of soliloquoys on the philosophy of football....

Dylan M (au) wrote: whimsical movie, loved the devil character

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Joel K (fr) wrote: Guy running for Congress sold a bunch of Blue Sunshine acid to classmates at Stanford about a decade ago. Turns out it has the inconvenient side-effect of headaches, dislike of loud noise, making your hair fall out all at once, then homicidal rage. The music is pretty good and scary. The insane rage scenes are pretty decent, especially the first one where the guy pushes the lady into the burning fireplace. The end of the movie tries to make it look real. Like there is the lurking menace of a couple hundred people who took Blue Sunshine out there about to flip at any time. Worth seeing once if you are really bored and are into b movies.

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Calib M (jp) wrote: It's rare accomplishment for any kind of filmmaker, whether he might be a veteran of this medium or just newcomer starting out, to create a kind of engaging, endlessly-fascinating environment that Proyas brought to the screen in The Crow. Now, with his follow-up movie, ''Dark City'', the director incredibly manages to one-up himself. 1998's ''Dark City'' is quite a remarkable film also quite a cerebral film. You really have to pay attention if you want to follow the plotline perfectly. I feel like i have to see it again to fully enjoy and immerse myself into the full experience that is ''Dark City''The writing is excellent, original, mysterious, surprising, thrilling and dense. The performances are very solid, e.g Rufus Sewell as the paranoid leading man who suffers from memory-loss, Kiefer Sutherland as the peculiar doctor, John Hurt as the hard-headed detective, and Jennifer Connely as the ''wife'' of Sewell's character.''Dark City'' has lots of remarkable scenes, but the one that stands out the most is the boat ride scene with Murdoch, Bumstead and Schreber. That scene hits you like a ton of bricks. However, it is quite expositional.A tiny detail i noticed (that i loved, and i hope is an intention reference) was in an opening shot that approaches the hotel window behind which we meet Murdoch. The window is a circular dome in a rectangular frame. As clearly as possible, it looks like the "face" of Hal 9000 in "2001: A Space Odyssey" Hal was a computer that understood everything, except what it was to be human and have emotions. "Dark City" considers the same theme in a film that creates a completely artificial world in which humans teach themselves to be themselves.The two (slight) problems i had is that the movie is original and has lots of creative ideas, but actually really isnt that original (it's not that Dark City itself was unoriginal, more that the themes expressed in it have been explored in a variety of movies since, and before the movie's been released. Possibly making it a transformative work for the time, but less impactful watching it as a modern viewer.?), it's like an assembly of a whole lot of other films, and Proyas has done that with meticulous precision. Movies that come to mind that have a lot of the same elements are (Some will be movies that were released subsequently but still): Brazil, Metropolis, The Matrix, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The City of the Lost Children, M, Nosferatu, Inception, Memento, The Game, Total Recall, Blade Runner, The Twilight Zone, Kafka, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and maybe even a little bit of Batman and The Fifth Element. This doesnt make this movie bad at all, but it was quite obvious and noticed it quite some times throughout watching the film. The other slight problem being, that it can be quite confusing to watch and you really need to have your head in the game, otherwise you will be lost in the story. A second viewing will most likely be very rewarding.''Dark City'' is not a story so much as an experience, it is a triumph of art direction, set design, cinematography, special effects and imagination.

Alec B (kr) wrote: One of the best B-movies I've seen in a while. Cool creatures and apocalyptic scene, though the ending is sub-par.

Michelle W (fr) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. Not sure how anyone can give it a negative review, it's fantastic. Ellen Page is super confident and gives a flawless performance. She is so natural and plays the part excellently, I love all the expressions and mannerisms! Great personality. Excellent story line and good reflection of modern day teens. Such a great feel good movie if not a little sad in parts. Watch it, you will love it!