Cuidado, Madame

Cuidado, Madame

Three maids decide to rebel against the society that oppresses them and start murdering their own mistresses.

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Thomas P (au) wrote: "Spamalot funny" - truly engaging, w many historical refs & truly effortless funny gags & gaffs - adults will appreciate all the efforts made on their behalf. Just the witty first 30 mins will tell you how great this movie is. My friend growing up did several stop-motion movies, and proves this to be brilliantly smooth & artistic - by taking hilarious potshots at history and culture. I did a redbox rental - no need for the 3D, so I've heard, tho I love 3D. To compare, I saw Hotel Transylvania in 3D - the effect was totally unnecessary, and not much fun for adults, unless you have somehow Never seen a movie in 3D..Band of Misfits hits each note just right and hits the funnybone just as well. Enjoy this one! 5 will shivered timbers our of 5


Shae S (it) wrote: The cinematography and action sequences are often jaw-dropping.

James B (es) wrote: A very affecting dark story, with the action scenes almost as a side note. Well worth viewing.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: Another superb christmas movie, again probably bias as this is a movie I grew up with as a kid. The first movie always stuck in my mind as the better one of the two however after watching them together over christmas I think this one just edges it. Theres a lovely symmetry between the two movies, the overall plot, the pacing and events which occur. Even the characters or stereotypes of new ones, they all fall nicely in line with eachother but are different enough to fresh and interesting. Another great movie for all the family.

Iain M (de) wrote: Not so sure about the story, but the script and performances are stellar

Katherine R (gb) wrote: This movie is my favorite.

Ryan H (fr) wrote: Targets is a film that was ahead of its time. The parallel story of the young man on edge and the old horror film star was brilliant. Peter Bogdanovich had a great talent for writing. In just a single line we can start to make out what he means by the film, or even just essentials about the character, and it doesn't feel cheesy. I would have enjoyed more of a buildup from Bogdanovich's character, but I don't know if that would have been too much for the film. With everything the way it is we keep our eyes intent on the similarities between Byron Orlok and Bobby Thompson. In one scene Byron says that horror is no longer being afraid of the boogey man but of the random sniper killings. The movie plays on a social level, but it also works on film nowadays. When Bobby starts picking people off we don't really feel the horror. It's pretty much just matter of fact. Yes, he's killing someone. And he got another one. With today's video games it was hard to disconnect myself from thinking "there's another one over there!" like I was watching a friend play. It really creeped me out. Bogdanovich points out that old horror films just aren't scary anymore because we have more things to be scared of these days. This movie was not only directed by Bogdanovich, but he also wrote, produced, and acts in the film. This was his project made on a tiny budget, and it is genius. I'm honestly surprised Targets isn't talked about more.

Travis H (kr) wrote: Everything is right in Howard Hawks memorable version of Casablanca and Bacall may have never been better.

Scott S (de) wrote: The Men of Boys Town (1941) -- [7.0] -- Mickey Rooney's character is coming of age and Spencer Tracey's Father Flanagan is doing his best to prevent Boys Town from being shut down due to lack of funds. The story is pretty much the same, but still endearing thanks to solid performances from Tracey and Rooney. Things get surprisingly dark in the sequel. One of the new boys is a murderer, and there's some pretty shocking brutality going on in a certain reform school. Oh, and there's a puppy that doesn't fare too well. It gets a little too saccharine towards the end, but I'm a sucker for stories involving children who rise above circumstance, and Flanagan's story is a genuinely moving one. (Tracey's portraying a real man, and the real Boys Town is still operating today.)

Sawyer W (de) wrote: Ok. Not as good as Cloverfield though. Also, horrible effects for the movie.

Marko Z (it) wrote: Brutal and disturbing, the original Oldboy is an amazing piece of foreign cinema.